Instructions and Features for Models

Jump to: navigation, search offers models an amazing amount of options, settings, and overall flexibility to increase their enjoyment and earnings while online.

This page explains general information about MyFreeCams, features in the Model Web Broadcaster, and features in the Model Admin.

General Information

Types of members

There are 3 main types of members on

  • Guests are new visitors to the site who have not registered for an account yet. (Or they have not logged in to their account.)
  • Basic members are members that have an account, but they have never purchased tokens or spent money on the site.
  • Premium members are members that have purchased tokens at least once. (But they may not have tokens now.)

Only Premium members are capable of having tokens and spending tokens on models.

Different color nicknames do not mean anything; premium members with many Reward Points are able to change the font and color of their text and nickname.

Employees of this website are Administrators, please read who they are on the Administrators page. All other members are just normal members and no one else has any extra power or privileges. If another member claims to be an administrator, please Contact Model Support.


Tokens are the currency or "money" of Members buy tokens and then they spend them on models through Tips, Private shows, Group shows, Voyeur shows, or MFC Share purchases. then pays models for the tokens that they receive from members.

Reward Points

Members also receive reward points every time they purchase tokens (1 reward point for every 10 tokens purchased.) A member that has many reward points means he has purchased a lot of tokens in the life of the account. Reward points cannot be spent on models.

Public Chat

When a model is online, and not Away, or in a Private show or Group show, then the model will primarily be in Public chat or free chat. Models do not automatically earn tokens in public chat (as they do in a private show), but they may still receive Tips from members.

Most models will spend the majority of their time in public chat. Public chat is a great place to meet new members, make new friends, become popular on the site, have fun, and make lots of money from tips!

Private Shows

Members can request Private shows with models which earn the models (and cost the members) 60 tokens per minute, counted at 1 token per second.

After the member requests the private show, the model has an option to accept or reject the private show invitation. If the model accepts, then the model and member can transported into a new private chat room that will only contain these two people.

The member and the model can each end the private show at any time, or the private show will end automatically if the member runs out of tokens.

Voyeur Shows

During a regular private show, other members on the site are able to Voyeur (Spy) on the private show for a cost of 20 tokens per minute (counted at 1 token, every 3 seconds).

Members that are spying will receive the video and audio from the private show but they will not be able to enter the private chat room and they will not be able to see the private chat between the member and model in the private show.

It is not shown to the model which members are spying on the private shows.

TruePrivate Shows

If a member does not want other members to be able to spy on their private shows, they can activate the TruePrivate feature on their My Account page. This will increase the cost of the private shows (and the earnings of the model) to 80 tokens per minute.

Group Shows

When the model is in Public chat, members are shown a Group show link at the top of the chat room. If 3 members request a group show at the same time, then the model will receive an invitation to group show that she can accept or reject for any reason.

If the model accepts, the model and the 3 members that requested the group show are all taken to a new private chat room. New members can join the Group Show at any time. Members can leave the show at any time.

Members are charged 10 tokens per minute to remain in the Group Show room (1 token every 6 seconds). Members can also Tip the model during the show, which is the reason why the official cost of Group Show is so low. In reality, some members will tip, and some will not, so it is up to the model how to handle this.

The Group show ends when the model ends it, or when all premium members leave the chat room.

Members can also "join the Group show" from a Private Message (PM) window which means they may not appear in the Group show chat room, but they will be able to receive the webcam video feed, and they will still be paying 10 tokens per minute.

Club Shows

A model may initiate a Club Show and specify which of her MFC Share Clubs will have access to the show.

Members that are already in one of the specified Clubs may join the Club Show at any time and there is no additional cost.

Members that are not yet Club Members may join the Club and then receive instant access to the Club Show.

For calculation of CamScore, Club Shows are treated the same as Group Shows, Privates and Public Chat.


Members with tokens are able to tip or send tokens to models at any time for any reason.

Members can even send tips when the model is offline.


Please see the separate CamScore page for more information.

Features in the Model Web Broadcaster

Chat Room

The Chat Room starts automatically when the model clicks the Start Webcam link in the software. It is the central place for interaction between the model and the guests and member in the room.

Room Topic

At the top of the chat room, the model may enter a Room Topic which will be displayed above the model's video for visitors to her chat room.


At the top of the chat room, the model may initiate a Countdown. See the Countdowns page for more info.

Model Chat Commands

See the Wiki page on Model Chat Commands for a list of all shortcuts a model can use in her chat.

User Information

The model can click on members in her chat room to get information about them. Depending on the privacy preferences of the users, the model may find out how many Tokens and Reward Points they have, whether they have a profile, and so on.

Upon clicking on a member, the model will also get links to Private message, Ban, Ignore, or Mute the member, or add the member to the model's Friends List.

Room Helpers

After clicking on a user, the model may select him as her Room Helper, who can set the Room Topic, Ban Users from your room, and Mute Guests/Basics. See the Room Helper page for more info.

Friends List

The model can add members to her Friends List which will show the model if those members are Online or Offline, and provide an easy way to find them and send them private messages.

Private Messaging (PM)

Models can send private messages to premium members and basic members. But only premium members may send private messages to a model while she is online.

It may be difficult for models to handle hundreds of private message windows from different users, so we have developed some options to help.

PM Manager

Models can click on Options and Settings and then activate the PM Manager which will put all PMs in a single window.

PM Options

If the PM Manager is not helping sufficiently, models may click on Options and Settings and choose to only let members on their Friends List send them messages, or any of the other options.

Models should think twice before selecting this option, as it is very frustrating for new members to try to message the model only to receive the reply, "Sorry, she is only accepting Private Messages from friends."

Watch Member Webcams

Premium members are able to turn on their own webcams at any time and share their webcam with models.

If a member's webcam is on, and the member has allowed the model to see it, then the model will see an option to view the webcam in the private message window with the member.

It is up to the model to watch the members or not, there are no requirements.

The model can also choose to hear sound from the webcam or not. By default, the member webcams will be muted (sound off).


Models can Kick members out of her room. This is usually used as a warning.

After being kicked, a member will still be able to re-join the room.


Models can ban guests and members at any time and for any reason.

For guests, the IP address of the guest will be banned. For members, both the IP address and the username of the member will be banned. Banned users will not be able to re-enter the model's chat room.

By default, bans expire after 6 hours. Models may also use Lifetime bans or specify how long the ban should last.

In the Options and Settings models may also Un-Ban members at any time.


Models can also ignore members at any time and for any reason.

The model will no longer see any messages from ignored users in her chat room, private messages, and MFC mail.

An Ignored member cannot type in the model's chat room (but can enter it.)

The Ignore list does not expire, and the model can modify it manually by clicking the Options and Settings link.


Models may Mute a specific member which will stop them from being able to type in the chat room.

Muted users are allowed to remain in the chat room and see the chat - they just will not be able to type.

Models may modify their Mute list in the Options and Settings link.

Mute vs Ignore

There are a few main differences between Muted and Ignored users:

  1. A Muted user may still PM the model, send MFC mail to the model, and Tip the model and his Tip Note will show in the Chat Room. An Ignored user may not do those things.
  2. If a Muted user attempts to type in the chat room, he will receive a notice that he is Muted. An Ignored user is not given notice.


A model can click Away to be placed into Away mode, which will temporarily block her webcam video and audio feed, and a message saying "This model is temporarily away" will be displayed for members.

The model's public chat room will be unaffected, and she may still participate in the chat.

After a private show or group show ends, the model will be put in Away mode automatically.

The Away status should only be used if the model is going to be away for 5 minutes or less, otherwise it is better to click Stop Webcam or close the software.

Guest/Basic Chat

Models have an option to allow or not allow unregistered Guests and Basic members from being able to chat in their chat rooms. Models may set this selection to No at any time by clicking Mute Guests or Mute Basics.

Options and Settings

There are lots of other options and settings that models can change to suit their needs by clicking the Options link in the bottom left corner.

Features in the Model Admin

This section describes the features and settings that models can use while logged in to their Model Admin.


Each model has a MyFreeCams Profile that is located at:

When logged in to their Model Admin, models can edit their profiles, customize settings, upload photos, and more!

Model Tags

Each model can write some sorts or short phrases called Tags that describe her. Members can then browse and search tags to find the model that they like.

Profile Friends

Profile Friends are different than normal Friends on your Friends List on the site and in the software.

To add someone to your list of Profile Friends, browse to their profile and then click make friend.

Customizing your profile

You may customize your profile using HTML and CSS, like any other webpage.

You can use our default layout and fill in the information and sections you want to appear, or you can directly edit the CSS for more advanced customization.

You can find lots of HTML and CSS tutorials online and we recommend asking other Models and Members for help with your profile.

Photo Galleries

Models can upload photos into existing photo galleries or create new galleries, and they will all be displayed on the model's profile. Here are the default galleries:

'Avatar photo is the small photo that will be displayed on the homepage. 'Main Photo is the big photo on the model's profile. Recent Photo are the 6 smaller photos below the Main Photo.

Models should create multiple new galleries if they want to upload lots of photos.

Galleries can also be password-protected so that members can only see the photos once the model gives them the secret password. Simply create a new gallery and then click the set password link.

MFC Mail

MFC Mail is an internal e-mail system which lets members and models send each other mail. When a model logs in to the ModelWeb or Model Admin page, she will be notified if there are new unread MFC Mail messages.

Color code:

  • Yellow: Unread
  • Pink: Offline Tip
  • Green: From an Administrator. (Official MFC Mail)

Block Locations

Each model can specify which countries, regions, or states should be blocked from seeing her profile and account on the website. The Block Locations feature is located under Settings -> Profile Settings.

This block functions by looking at the IP Address of users and when it is determined that the IP address is from a blocked location, then the model will simply not appear for that user.

Guests and members are both blocked the same way.

The block even effects the model herself, so if a model has blocked her own country or state, then she will not see herself on the homepage.

Models can add users to her Friends List which will circumvent the block. For example, if a model has blocked her own country, but then adds herself as a friend, she should be able to once again see her account as online on the homepage.

For more information please see our page on Blocked Locations.


Models may use the Token Sessions and Token Stats links to see how many tokens they have earned on the site during a given period of time.

Chat Backgrounds

Models may select a chat background image that users will see in their chat room instead of the default white background.

Models may also submit a custom chat background but please note:

  1. The image you submit must be at least 700x350 pixels or larger.
  2. The image must be extremely high quality / resolution (we will fade it ourselves).
  3. Please see our examples below for ideas of what will look good.
  4. 99% of submissions will NOT be approved for various reasons.
  5. It may take us up to 6 months to process the submission. We are busy!

So it is much easier to select a current background than submit a custom one.

Common Issues

"Members Can't Find Me"

On the homepage

Models are only listed on when they are online and their webcam is turned on.

People from Blocked Locations cannot see the model as being online. That means if a model has blocked her own state, she will not see herself as being online. Models can add themselves as friends to get around this block. See Blocked Locations for more information.

On the profiles page

Profiles are always directly accessible at: where "MODELUSERNAME" is the username of the model.

The Google search on the profiles homepage takes a long time to index new profiles and name changes so please rely on direct navigation.

The profiles homepage at lists a somewhat random assortment of the top models that have been online recently. Most offline models are not listed here.


You can find the list of administrators and official MyFreeCams usernames on our Administrators page.

No one else on this website is an administrator or has any sort of special privileges.

If a member is claiming to be an administrator or moderator or officially connected to this website in any way, this member is lying, and please report him on our Contact Model Support page.


What to do on camera

We will never tell a model what to do or how to act. But here is some advice from our most successful models on how you can have fun and make lots of money:

  • Talk. Speak with your voice, not just with your keyboard. Even if your English is not perfect, try it anyway!
  • Be Creative. Do something unique and original.
  • Be Interactive. Try to actively interact with the members in your room. Maybe play a game with them.
  • Be Patient. Take your time and explore the site and its features. Keep an open mind and make some new friends.
  • Keep a Schedule. Try to come online at about the same time each day or week so members know when to expect to see you.
  • Learn from others. Watch the top models at and see what makes them successful.

Remember that this site is not all about sex or nudity. You can be very sexy and never even remove your clothes. Have fun!

How to get discovered

  • Avatar. Make your "avatar" attractive and eye-catching so members are more likely to click it and come to your room.
  • Topic. Set a descriptive room topic so members know what's happening in your room.
  • Model Tags. Add detailed Model Tags for yourself so members can find you using the Search.
  • News Feed. Use the News Feed to let members know what you're doing. News Feed posts appear in Search results too.

If something interesting is happening in your room, members will quickly tell each other in the Lounge and you will have lots of people in your room. Also, your room will then appear in the Most Popular Rooms list and you will get even more members.

Social Media

Many successful models actively use Twitter , Instagram, Snapchat and other social media apps in order to keep in touch with their fans and promote themselves.

Many MFC models are very active on Twitter and this is a great place to learn about the community.

You can see all the official MFC social media accounts in our Media page.

In particular, please follow us on Twitter at and look through our feed to learn about the creative models in the community.

Explore your broadcasting options

In the Model Web Broadcaster, be sure to click Options in the bottom-left corner and look at every single thing you can change. Here are some suggestions:

  • Mute Guests / Mute Basics. If you do not want guests or basic members to chat in your room, click Mute Guests/Basics.
  • Turn Private Messages to "Friends Only". If you are getting overwhelmed with too many PMs, change it so that only people on your Friends list can message you.
  • Turn On PM Manager. That will put all of your Private Messages in 1 window instead of in multiple windows.
  • Turn off Private Shows / Group Shows. If you do not want Private Show requests, you can turn those off in your settings.

Connection Speed

It is very important that models have the fastest possible Internet connection. Models with a fast Internet connection will...

  • Have higher video and audio quality.
  • Experience fewer disconnections and other problems.
  • Make much more money and have a much better experience on the website.

It is strongly recommended that models buy the best and most expensive Internet connection that is available. Any difference in cost will be earned back in a few hours.

Here are some additional things models can do to improve their connection speed:

  • Do not work on other sites at the same time (split-cam), as this divides the connection speed!
  • Do not download or upload data while you are online. (e.g. playing Youtube videos.)
  • Whenever possible, use a Wired connection (e.g. using an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to your cable modem or router) instead of connecting via Wireless.


The most important part of looking good on camera is having proper Lighting.

Room Decoration

Models should decorate their room in light, bright colors. Good Lighting will make any space look better.

Recommended Webcams

Models should buy the best possible webcam or video camera they can afford. See Recommended Webcams.