Room Helper

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When a model is away from her keyboard (e.g. dancing, in the shower, doing a show, etc.) she may temporarily appoint a premium member in her room to help with the chat room and prevent spam.

The room helper can:

  • Update the Room Topic.
  • Mute/Unmute Guests/Basics.
  • Ban/Unban.
  • Modify Countdowns

The room helper position is temporary and is automatically reset when the model logs off.

There is no indication if there is a room helper, there are no badges or other special privileges.

The model is notified of all room helper actions and may reverse any action or remove the room helper at any time.

This feature empowers models to step away from their keyboard and do more creative shows, while someone else can worry about things like banning spammers.

A good room helper simply saves the model time doing what she would have otherwise done herself. If a room helper is abusing his power, the model can easily undo his actions and remove him.

The model is in charge at all times.

Chat Commands

Room Helpers have access to some of the Model Chat Commands:

  • /help : Show a list of Room Helper Chat Commands in the chat
  • /mute : Mute Guests/Basics, usage: /mute [basic | guest] [on | off | show] (e.g. /mute guest on)
  • /mute : Mute a member (e.g. /mute Bob123 or /mute -c Bob123 to also clear anything he said from the chat)
  • /unmute : Unmute a member (e.g. /unmute Bob123)
  • /ban : Ban a member (e.g. /ban Bob123 or /ban -c Bob123 to also clear anything he said from the chat)
  • /unban : Unban a member (e.g. /unban Bob123)
  • /kick : Kick a member (e.g. /kick Bob123)
  • /topic : Set the topic (e.g. /topic welcome to the room!)
  • /countdown : Start, modify, stop countdown; usage: /c [total] [remaining (optional)] (e.g. /c 1000 or /c none)

Mobile Support

Currently, we do not support Room Helper commands from the MyFreeCams Mobile site.