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MFC Share is a free image & video host for models, located at:

Only models may upload content. Premium MFC members may use the Like and Follow features.


The rules are the same as what models can broadcast on cam on

  • If uploading old photos or videos, you must have been OVER 18 at the time those photos/videos were taken!
  • No illegal activity, no copyright infringement, etc.
  • Rules for Models.

Non-MFC Performers

If there is a non-MFC performer featured in a sexual context in your MFC Share content, please check the appropriate box when uploading the content and add this individual as a registered performer in your account.

B/G Content

B/G content is allowed but will not appear on the MFC Share homepage or some embedded MFC Share pages.

Users may opt-out of seeing B/G content in their MFC Share settings.


The content rights are covered by the Model Agreement (same as your MFC stream and profile photos), but basically:

  • The model owns the rights to all content.
  • MFC has a license to display the content.

Upload Limits and Specifications

Here are the current specifications and file limits:

  • No limit on total space.
  • Limit of 10GB per file.
  • Limit of 3 hours per video. Longer videos will be trimmed to 3 hours.
  • If the original video supports it, videos will be streamed at: 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p, 480p.

Adding it to your MFC Profile

There are a few ways to add your MFC Share content to your MFC Profile:

  1. Add it as a Profile Section. Edit Profile -> Organize Sections, and add MFC Share. This will display all of your content.
  2. Embed Code. In any MFC Share Collection or Album, click the Share link then get your EMBED code and place this code anywhere in your profile.



In order to upload any pictures or videos, you must first create an Album.

An Album can contain a single video or picture, multiple videos, multiple photos, or a combination of photos and videos.

You may drag your pictures/videos into any album and it will automatically upload them into the album.

Album Settings
  • Album Title: The name of your album.
  • Collections: Add the album into one or more Collections.
  • Tokens: Set the amount of tokens a user must tip for instant album access.
  • Password: Password required to view the album.
  • VIPs: Only users that you set as VIP in your MFC Share Settings can view the album.
  • Unlisted: This means that the album will not be shown on your MFC Share Profile. Users needs the URL to access it.
  • Downloadable: Videos will contain a Download button and Pictures will have Right-Click Save-As enabled.

For example, if you set an album as 200 tokens, and password protected, and VIP-only, then the user will have to use one of those three methods to view the album (either being VIP, having the password, or tipping 200 tokens.)

Featured Albums

Once you create an album you can Feature it which means it will show up at the top of your MFC Share Profile and at the top of any Collections the album is in.

If you have multiple Featured albums, the most recent one will show up at the top.


You can add any album into one or more Collections, and then you will see a link to your Collections page at the top of your MFC Share Profile.

When a member tips for a Collection, it's the same as if they had tipped for each Album in that collection at that time. They will not receive access to new Albums added to the Collection later.


You can create Clubs that Members can join.

You can make it so that Club members can access content for free or at a discount.


You can create Goals to reach a certain number of tokens.

In addition to direct tipping toward the Goal, you can choose what other content Members can buy that will still count toward the Goal.

You can create Milestones along the way to your Goal.

You can connect your Twitter and have it automatically Tweet when you've received a Contribution (Tip), reached a Milestone, or reached your Goal.


You can sell items on your MFC Share profile by adding them to your Store. Click your Avatar and select My Store to access it.


-- description forthcoming --


You can create one or more Blogs (like this one) which may be set as Free or Club-Only. Blogs may contain HTML, embedded videos from your MFC Share, YouTube, SoundCloud, as well as your Twitter and Instagram widgets.


Your MFC Share profile now has a Share Tip link where you can be Tipped offline directly through your MFC Share.


You can now create Specials for Members where if they buy something they can get something else included for free.


You can now post your MFC News Feed entries on MFC Share as Shouts. These show up for 24 hours at the top of your MFC Share profile as well as on the new MFC Share Activity Stream.


If someone tips tokens for album access, they will instantly have access to that album.

You will see who tipped for which album in your MFC Share stats.

You will see this as a Special Tip in your MFC stats. It's the same as an offline tip but it's labelled a Special Tip so you can tell it apart.

Note: Users tip for album access not for the content inside the album. This means that if you delete the album or change the content, then the user will no longer have access to the original content in the album.

Profile Settings

Click your Avatar in the top-right corner and click "Settings" to access your main MFC Share settings.

Here you can create your bio, link your social media accounts, set your watermarks, set your VIPs and Managers, etc.


You can set one or more users as your MFC Share Profile Managers which means they will have full access to your MFC Share account and be able to upload and customize your profile and content, without having your main MFC account password.


You can create Vouchers which are one-time use URLs that gift an Album to a user, as if they purchased the Album using 0 tokens.

Vouchers can only be created for Albums which require tokens. A voucher may only be redeemed once. The model is able to see who has used the Voucher and which remain unused.


Click the pencil icon in the top-right corner of any picture or video to add a description to it.

Video Settings

In the top-right corner of your videos, click the cog icon to:

  • Set the video as your Profile Header. (only Public/Free videos may be set as the header.)
  • Change the Thumbnail of the video.

URL Shortening

The following are all the same:

You can also use:


Region Blocking

Geographical region blocking is fully supported in the Settings section.

MFC Bans

You can choose to have your MFC chat room bans carry over to MFC Share.

CamScore and Ranks

Tokens earned on MFC Share count toward your CamScore and Miss MyFreeCams in the same way that any other tokens do.

Share Rank is calculated based on total tokens earned on MFC Share during that month, with the model earning the most being #1.