Rules and Guidelines

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Our goal is to have as few rules as possible. We want members and models to have fun and be themselves and not worry about arbitrary rules.

We provide powerful tools to both models and members so that no one has to interact with someone they don't like. Models have full control over their own chat rooms and they can kick/ban anyone for any reason. Members have access to an Ignore List and can easily Ignore any member or model any time.

We only require that our members and models do not do anything illegal or overly disruptive to our online community as a whole. Below is a brief list of what is forbidden on this website. Breaking any of these rules may lead to account closure, a forfeiture of all tokens, or even a lifetime ban from this website.

Users may NOT:

  • Do anything illegal.
  • Record or distribute video, images, audio, or other contents found on this website.
  • Share their account with anyone else, or create accounts for anyone else.
  • Access an account belonging to someone else, even with permission.
  • Purchase tokens using a credit/debit card belonging to someone else, even with permission.
  • Post pornographic links or images.
  • Use abusive, inflammatory, or racist language or expression, including hate-speech.
  • Discuss sex or lewd acts involving minors/children, even in fantasy or role play.
  • Disrupt this website in any way (e.g. flooding the chat room).
  • Promote other websites or services (spamming).
  • Solicit models for commercial ventures.
  • Solicit models to meet in person.
  • Offer or exchange tokens for in-person meetings.
  • Harass or bully members or models.
  • Post private or personal information of members, models.
  • Impersonate a member or model.
  • Make any kind of threat against a member or model.
  • Blackmail models or members.
  • Claim to be a moderator, administrator, or employee of this website.
  • Intentionally mislead models (e.g. fake tipping).
  • Encourage models to break the rules.

Many of these are Zero-Tolerance violations, meaning you will be banned for life for a first offense without any warning.

Member webcams

While sharing their webcam stream, members may NOT:

  • Do anything illegal, obscene, objectionable, or controversial.
  • Allow anyone under the age of 18 on camera at any time.
  • Allow anyone other than the account owner on camera.
  • Engage in sexual activity with another person.

Rules for models

Our rules for models are largely determined by laws and potential legal issues. Members should be aware of these rules so that they do not encourage models to violate them, which would lead to the member being banned.

The following things, actual or implied, are absolutely forbidden on camera at any time and for any reason, in both private and public chat. Most of them constitute Zero-Tolerance violations, meaning the model will be banned the first time it happens, without warning.

Even if the model account is reinstated, all tokens earned while breaking the rules will be forfeited.

  1. Unauthorized persons
    1. Unregistered persons (people who have not submitted their ID to us) on camera.
    2. Men on camera for any reason. Men should not be in the same room.
    3. Sexual interaction with men, on or out of view of the camera.
    4. Minors, children, babies on camera or in the same room.
  2. Indecency or impropriety
    1. Discussing sex or lewd acts involving minors/children, including fantasy or role play.
    2. Broadcasting from a public location.
    3. Bestiality, or animals/pets on camera in a sexual or provocative context.
    4. Urination, defecation, "going to the bathroom", enema play, boofing.
    5. Vomiting.
    6. Breastfeeding or lactation.
    7. Menstrual bleeding.
    8. Illegal drugs.
    9. Excessive consumption of alcohol, medicines, or narcotics.
    10. Anything that would impair consent or judgement.
    11. Sleeping or passing out.
    12. Hypnosis
    13. Rape, sexual assault
    14. Incest, or sexual contact between family members.
    15. Penetration of the vagina or anus with items not meant for sexual stimulation.
    16. Fisting.
    17. Violence, cutting, blood, torture, non-consensual pain, choking, or asphyxiation.
    18. Actions that may be deemed obscene in your community.
  3. Promoting or committing illegal activity
    1. Illegal or unsafe activity of any kind (any action associated with bringing injury or risk of injury).
    2. Escorting, prostitution, solicitation.
    3. Offering to meet in person for money/tokens/gifts.
    4. Offer or exchange tokens for in-person meeting.
    5. Accepting tokens for in-person meetings.
  4. Impropriety related to user and model accounts.
    1. Submitting fake or altered identification.
    2. Sharing accounts with anyone else, or creating accounts for anyone else.
    3. Accessing accounts belonging to someone else, with or without permission.
  5. Abusive behavior
    1. Using abusive, inflammatory, or racist language or expression, including hate-speech.
    2. Promoting other websites or services (spamming).
    3. Harassing or bullying members or other models.
    4. Posting private or personal information of a member or another model.
    5. Making any kind of threat against a member or another model.
    6. Blackmailing a member or another model.
    7. Intentionally misleading a member.
  6. Other violations of model guidelines
    1. Not revealing your face on camera.
    2. Violations of our Online Safety and Age Verification
    3. Broadcasting of pre-recorded, non-live video
    4. Fraudulent activity

General rude behavior

We allow for a great deal of freedom and expression. This is a place where models and members can be themselves.

Unlike other sites, we do not impose unneeded restrictions on speech or behavior, and we do not force models to act in a certain way to please members (or the other way around).

Telling models or members how to act would take away from the honest and real interaction on this site. It would make this site phony and boring.

Above all, it is important to remember that behind the keyboards are genuine people, with genuine emotions, moods, fears, etc. People have bad days, a few too many drinks, miscommunications (especially online), and some people are just nicer than others.

We are NOT here to play school-teacher. We encourage you to use the Ignore feature to ignore anyone that you do not want to interact with.

We will only intervene in extraordinary circumstances dealing with illegal or highly disruptive behavior, or something that blatantly violates the rules of this website listed above.

If you would like to report such behavior, please Contact Support.