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Miss MyFreeCams Crown 2023
Miss MyFreeCams Crown 2023
Miss MyFreeCams Crown 2021
Miss MyFreeCams Token Crown 2021
Miss MyFreeCams Crown 2019 & 2020
Miss MyFreeCams Crown 2019 & 2020
Miss MyFreeCams Nameplate 2018
Miss MyFreeCams Nameplates for January 2018
Miss MyFreeCams Bangle 2017
Miss MyFreeCams Bangle for January 2017
Miss MyFreeCams Pendant 2016
Miss MyFreeCams Pendant for January 2016
Miss MyFreeCams Pendant
Miss MyFreeCams Pendant for January 2015

Each month the model who earns the most tokens on MyFreeCams.com wins Miss MyFreeCams for that month.

The top 1000 models are listed on the Miss MyFreeCams page and will receive a cash prize at the end of the month. The top 20 will receive additional exposure on the page that shows rankings from previous years.

The top 3 may receive additional recognition such as a little icon on their avatars, inclusion in the Top Banner on the the website, a congratulatory Tweet, etc.

MyFreeCams.com appreciates ALL of our models, not just the ones participating in this competition. The prize money comes from our marketing budget and we remain dedicated to making sure that models are paid as much as possible every day, without any special contests or promotions.

Contest Details

  1. The contest runs every month from 12:00:01AM on the 1st day of the month, to 11:59:59PM on the last day of the month, Pacific Time Zone.
  2. The token total used in the contest is all tokens earned, minus tokens deducted for any reason including technical errors, fines, refunds, chargebacks, etc.
  3. If a model does not want her name listed, the model can choose to participate anonymously by changing her account settings.
  4. All tokens from a private show are credited after the private show is complete. Therefore, if a model has a private show that goes past midnight on the end of the month, most likely none of the tokens of that private show will count toward the Miss MyFreeCams contest. The show should be ended before midnight for it to count.

Miss MyFreeCams Jewelry Prize

All jewelry is custom designed and handmade using the highest quality precious metals and precious stones. The prizes are one of a kind and exclusively for Miss MyFreeCams winners.

2023 Prize

A new and improved v2.0 of the 3D crown, inspired by the 2016 design!

2021-2022 Prize

For 2021, we've designed a brand new concept where the Miss MFC Crown appears on a gold MyFreeCams Token.

The Winner's Crown is Yellow Gold while the 2nd and 3rd Place Crowns are White Gold. Both crowns have 5 emeralds and a large central diamond set backwards at the apex of the crown. The Winner's Crown also has diamonds all along the border of the token.

2019-2020 Prize

For 2019 and 2020, we've designed a new crown pendant, inspired by the original 2015 design.

As in previous years, the top 3 Miss MFC Winners receive a crown. The crowns are 14k White Gold and the Winner's Crown is encrusted with diamonds.

2018 Prize

For 2018, the jewelry prize was once again a necklace, but this time completely customized for each winner.

The top 3 Miss MFC winners received a custom solid gold nameplate necklace, individually designed for them. The model was be able to choose the text and the type of gold (Yellow, Rose, White), the winner's nameplate covered in diamonds.

2017 Prize

For 2017, the jewelry prize was a solid gold bangle with diamonds on the outside. Models that finished 2nd and 3rd received an identical bangle but made out of silver, to match the crowns shown on the avatars on MFC. This was the first time that 2nd and 3rd place winners also received the jewelry prize.

2016 Prize

In 2016, the crown pendant style was changed to a 3D crown, as shown in the picture on the right.

The central accent stone are according to the traditional gemstone of that month of birth so each crown is one of a kind.

2015 Prize

Each month in 2015, the winner of the Miss MyFreeCams contest received a custom-designed hand-made official Miss MyFreeCams Pendant and matching necklace.

The Pendant is made with 14k white gold, diamonds, and accent stones according to the traditional gemstone of that month of birth (i.e. Garnet in January, Amethyst in February, etc.)

Previous Winners

You may see previous winners and runners-up at MyFreeCams.com.