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Topbanner sarahjean.png

The Top Banner is what we call the title header at the top of

It features a picture of a model that has finished in the top 3 spots of the Miss MyFreeCams competition at some point in the past.

Models are limited to only 1 banner, no matter how many times they have won.

Finishing in the top 3 does not guarantee a banner, but our designers try our best to make it happen.

We sometimes add, remove, and modify banners as necessary to meet the design needs of the website. There have been many models who have finished in the top 3 in the past that currently do not have a banner either because they did not want one or because it was removed due to a design change.

By default, all currently available banners are rotated randomly. But members can edit their Personal Options and permanently select a Top Banner that they would see all the time.