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The Model Web Broadcaster or "ModelWeb" is a web-based application that allows models to broadcast on through the web browser.

Alternatively, models may still use the original downloaded MyFreeCams Model Software.

We recommend that models use the Model Web Broadcaster because it is updated more frequently and may contain more advanced features than the older Software.

How to start using it

Bookmark modelweb.png

Just go to the following URL:

You will login with your usual model username and password and you will be able to broadcast straight from your web browser.

Make sure you are NOT already logged in on the website or on the Model Software.

Click the "Click to go online" link below the video preview screen on the left side to start broadcasting.

Add to Desktop

For your convenience, you should bookmark the ModelWeb webpage and add it as an icon to your desktop so you can open it easily with one click.

The easiest way to do that is shown in the image on your right.

Simply drag the icon to the left of the URL address to your desktop and a new icon will appear.

Computer Requirements

Any modern laptop or desktop computer will run this application properly. However, using very old computers, or low-end "netbooks" may cause sluggish performance.

Here are the minimum requirements and recommendations:

Screen size: Minimum requirement is 12 inches. Recommended size is 15 inches or greater.

Processor speed: 1.7Ghz or higher.

RAM Memory: 2GB minimum. Recommended 4GB or more.

Specific processors: Avoid anything with "Intel Atom", "Intel Celeron" or any "AMD" processor that starts with a "C" or "E" (e.g. C-30, E-450).

Flash and Webcam: The computer must have Flash, and Flash must be able to communicate with the webcam. This means that iOS/Android tablets will not work.

Note: All modern Apple / Mac laptops and desktops will meet the minimums above.

Phones and Tablets

If you use the WebRTC broadcast option, you should be able to broadcast from Android and Apple devices.

The Model Web Broadcaster is not yet optimized for streaming from phones or tablets, but we are working to improve this experience in the future.

Supported Web Browsers

Here is the current status of web browsers that you can use to access this application and the minimum required version. If you have an older version, please download the latest version of your web browser for free.

  • Google Chrome - Works best and highly recommended.
  • Safari (Mac) - Works well.
  • Firefox - Works OK.
  • Opera - Works OK.

External Broadcasters

You are able to use OBS and other External Broadcasters to broadcast your feed.


Starting Your Webcam

To start your webcam and "go online", click the button in the top-left corner that says Click to go online.

Friends List

On the left side of the screen is your Friends list, which contains your Online friends and Offline friends.

Click the little +/- icons next to the Online/Offline friends folders to expand or collapse the lists.

Click on any username in your Friends list to get information about that user. Double-click to open a Private Message window to them.

Token Earnings

In this window you can see the most recent tokens you have earned. Click the little refresh icon to the right of "Token earnings" to reset the counts to zero.

Home tab

The "Home" tab is the Welcome screen you see when you first open the Model Web Broadcaster. You can see the "Home" tab selected at the top.

This screen displays the version of the Web Broadcaster as well as the most recent news or updates to it.

It also displays your Avatar and Username, and below that, a list of helpful links.

Chat Room tab

At the top, click "Chat Room" to go to your chat room.

You may set your topic at the top. You may also click Mute Guest and Mute Basics to prevent them from talking in your chat room.

Click the Whiteboard button to enable/disable and edit your Whiteboard.

The Start Countdown button is where you start or adjust your token countdown.

On the right, you can see what users are watching you in your channel or in a Private Message (PM window). Click the +/- icons to expand or collapse the list of users.

Private Message tab

By default, when you have a Private Message (PM) conversation with someone, it will start a new tab to the right of the "Chat Room" tab. Click on the tab at the top to access the PM.

At the top of the PM tab, you can click "Open new window" to put this PM in a separate window so it does not remain as a tab.

You may also click the "Open PM manager" link at the bottom to open this and all other PM's in a new separate window.

Group PMs in New Window

Click the Group PMs in New Window link at the bottom to group all of your Private Message windows in a single new window. This is very convenient for handling multiple PM windows without covering the chat room screen.

Cam/Mic Settings

(Only click this button after you are online)

Clicking this button at the bottom and will launch your "Flash Player settings" menu which will allow you to select your webcam/microphone source.

If your video or audio is not working, click this button to make sure the correct source is selected.


Clicking this button at the bottom will open the Options and Settings menu where you can set your preferences regarding your Model Web Broadcaster and your account.

Video Options

  • Normal Resolution: Works on nearly any computer or connection (320x240 @ 1.0 Mbps H.264).
  • High Resolution: For fast computers and fast internet connections.
    • Camera Resolution: 640x480 is default, 800x600 may be used by fast computers (since encoding at higher resolution requires more CPU).
    • Video Bandwidth: For 640x480, we recommend 1.5+ Mbps. For 800x600, we recommend 2.0+ Mbps. Otherwise, your viewers may see pixelation when you move around quickly.
  • External Broadcaster: (BETA) Stream from an external broadcasting program such as OBS, XSplit, SplitCam, ManyCam
  • WebRTC: (BETA) Stream without using Flash.

If your video feed normally works well but gets choppy only when you move around a lot, it means you should choose a higher Video Bandwidth option.

If your video feed is always choppy, it can be caused by one of the following:

  1. Computer can't handle encoding at a high resolution. Try a lower camera resolution like 640x480, or choose the Normal Resolution which is 320x240.
  2. Internet connection is not fast enough. Try choosing a lower bitrate (and possibly a lower resolution to go with it).
  3. Poor WiFi signal or interference. If using a dual-band wireless access point (WAP), make sure you are connecting to the 5 GHz network (instead of 2.4 GHz). Try restarting your WAP to have it select the best channel. A hard-wired Ethernet connection is strongly recommended (rather than WiFi).
ManyCam Issues
  • On macOS, ManyCam may cause the video to be a white screen. In this case, please do not use ManyCam.
  • ManyCam requires a lot of resources on your computer so make sure to have a faster computer or broadcast without ManyCam.

Chat Options

  • Select who you will accept Private Messages (PM's) from. If you feel overwhelmed with too many PM's, you may choose to only receive PM's from friends.
  • Choose whether to accept Group, Private, and/or TruePrivate Show requests
  • Decide whether to count MFC Share tips toward countdowns

Single-Window Mode

Single-Window Mode

This is a flexible layout mode where you can drag and position sections of the Web Broadcaster across various parts of your screen.

It may be convenient when running the Broadcaster in a full-screen mode so everything is in a single window.


You can initiate a Tip Countdown by clicking the button to the right of your Room Topic above your chat. See the Countdowns page for more info.

Room Helper

You can select a premium member to be your room helper to perform some actions on your behalf.

Click the on the user, then click "More Actions" and select Room Helper.

See the Room Helper page for more info.

Common Problems

Users Do Not See Video

This is usually caused by being logged in to your MyFreeCams account in more than one place.

Please make sure you do NOT have any other windows of open, both the website and the Model Software, and make sure you are not logged in to on the Model Software or website on this computer or anywhere else. It may be helpful to restart your computer for good measure.

Model Sees Pixelated Preview Feed

This is usually caused by having your browser Zoom setting not set at 100%, but set at 110% or something else.

Change your browser zoom setting back to 100% in your browser settings and the problem should be resolved. If you can't do that, then use a different web browser.

Common Fixes

ModelWeb Should Always be the Top Window

You should always make sure that the ModelWeb is running in your top-most browser window that is focused (where your mouse cursor is).

If you open other windows and the window with ModelWeb goes to the background or becomes unfocused, your computer will automatically devote less resources to the ModelWeb and your video stream will suffer.

Update Flash Player

Please open the browser you will be using to run the Model Web Broadcaster and then go to the following URL:

Then follow the steps to install it, and then restart the computer.

Disable Browser Plug-ins / Extensions

Many browsers, especially Firefox and Google Chrome have many available plug-ins or extensions, which are third-party programs that work on top of your web browser.

If you are having problems with the Model Web Broadcaster, please make sure to disable all plug-ins or extensions in your web browser to make sure you are still having an issue before contacting us.

Try a Different Web Browser

If you are having issues running the Model Web Broadcaster in a particular web browser, try it in a different one. At the very least, it will help narrow down the cause of the problem so you have more information when you contact us for help.

Other Fixes to Try

Try restarting your computer. And if you use a USB cam, please unplug the USB cam, restart your computer, and then plug it back into a different USB port.

Reporting Bugs

If something does not work with this Model Web Broadcaster, please email us here: Contact Model Support