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WebRTC is a video protocol that enables broadcasting in high quality directly from your browser (Model Web Broadcaster) without any additional software or plugins.

Broadcasting using WebRTC

Models using the Model Web Broadcaster can go to Options and select WebRTC from the broadcasting options.

This will allow you to broadcast without using Flash with higher quality and much lower latency (delay).

Important notes:

  • A hard-wired Ethernet connection is strongly recommended (rather than WiFi)
  • Private, Group, and Club shows are supported.
  • We recommend using Google Chrome to broadcast, on both PC and Mac devices.
  • Firefox works, but in a less supported UDP mode that may not work on certain firewalls/routers.
  • WebRTC broadcasts in a widescreen 16:9 format (960x540 or 1280x720).

Users viewing in WebRTC

  • Both desktop & mobile feeds are now displayed natively in browsers that support WebRTC.
  • When using the WebRTC player, latency (delay) is less than 1 second!

Broadcasting Methods Comparison