Broadcasting Methods

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All broadcasting methods support private, group, club shows for both desktop and mobile viewers.


*Apple devices/browsers (Safari) natively support Low-Latency HLS, which is labeled as 'LL Native' in the video player.
ModelWeb (WebRTC) RTMP External Broadcaster (OBS)
Latency (seconds)
6.0 / 3.0 / 0.6 5.5 / 2.9 / 1.9
Club Shows Yes Yes
Private / Group Shows Yes Yes
Video Quality Very High Highest


Stream with high quality & low latency directly from your browser (Model Web Broadcaster) without any additional software.

  • Latency is less than 1 second for both desktop and mobile viewers when using the WebRTC player.
  • A hard-wired Ethernet connection (not WiFi) is strongly recommended.

External Broadcaster

External RTMP Broadcasters provide real-time video mixing tools, transitions, overlays, effects, audio tools, and more.

  • Highest video quality.
  • RTMP is the most widely used protocol for streaming live video from the broadcaster to the server.
  • You are able to seamlessly stream in Free Chat and Private/Group/Club shows on MyFreeCams using an RTMP External Broadcaster without having to stop broadcasting when switching between show types.
  • This broadcasting method is recommended for models on WiFi or with a sub optimal Internet connection (e.g. when traveling).
  • If you had good results with Flash, but not with WebRTC, this broadcasting option will be the optimal choice.
  • A hard-wired Ethernet connection is recommended for the best results.

External Broadcasting Software