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XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit is an External RTMP Broadcasting application for Windows.

Note: The free version of XSplit Broadcaster is limited to 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps and mono channel audio (96 kbps).


Minimum Recommended
Processor Intel i5 or AMD 6-core Intel i7 or AMD 8-core
Internet 4+ Mbps upload bandwidth 6+ Mbps upload bandwidth
Memory 8 GB RAM 8+ GB RAM
OS Windows 7 SP1 (64 bit) Windows 10 (64 bit)
Graphics DirectX 10.1 GPU DirectX 10.1+ GPU

A hard-wired Ethernet connection is strongly recommended (rather than WiFi)

RTMP Streaming Instructions

  • Download (and install) XSplit from https://www.xsplit.com/broadcaster
  • In the Model Web Broadcaster (ModelWeb) click Options in the bottom-left corner
  • Select External Broadcaster and click Setup Information
  • Copy the Server URL to your clipboard
  • Launch XSplit. In the top right corner, change the stage Resolution to 1280 x 720 and Frame Rate to 30 fps
  • Click on the Broadcast menu at the top of XSplit, hover over Set up a new output and click Custom RTMP
  • Paste the server URL you copied into the RTMP URL box of the Custom RTMP Properties panel
  • Go back to the ModelWeb and copy the Stream Key and paste into the Stream Name box in XSplit
  • See Custom RTMP Properties (below) to configure the remaining settings

Custom RTMP Properties

Name MFC
RTMP URL (Server URL from ModelWeb)
Stream Name (Stream Key from ModelWeb)
User Agent FMLE/3.0
Codec x264
Bitrate 2500
Mode CBR
Strict CBR ON (checked)
Adaptive CBR OFF (unchecked)
Keyframes 2
Preset veryfast
VBV Buffer 2500
Video FPS Current
Video Size Current
Codec AAC-LC
Bitrate 160
Format stereo
Interleave audio & video checked

Virtual Plugin Instructions


Follow these instructions if you wish to use XSplit to add overlays while broadcasting using the High Resolution or WebRTC video quality setting:

  • Download (and install) XSplit from https://www.xsplit.com/broadcaster
  • Launch XSplit. In the top right corner, click ▼ and go to Resolution → Add Resolution → Custom Resolution and enter
 1920 for Width, 1080 for Height (WebRTC 1080p)
 1280 for Width,  720 for Height (WebRTC  720p)
  960 for Width,  540 for Height (WebRTC  540p)
  • Change the Stage Resolution and Frame Rate (by clicking the same ▼ in the top right corner) to:
 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps (WebRTC 1080p)
 1280 x  720 @ 30 fps (WebRTC  720p)
  960 x  540 @ 30 fps (WebRTC  540p)
  • Follow the instructions below to Add Webcam Source except set the Output Size to match the Stage Resolution
  • Leave XSplit running while on cam
  • After you are online, click the Cam/Mic Settings button in the lower left corner of the Model Web Broadcaster and change your video source to XSplit

Add Webcam Source

  • Click Add source → Devices → Video → (your webcam)
  • Select your webcam in the Sources List and click Settings
  • Output Size: 1280 x 720
  • Frame Rate: 30
  • In the Layout tab make sure that:
    • X: 0
    • Y: 0
    • Width: 1280
    • Height: 720
  • Click the 'expand-to-fit' button to enlarge the webcam video to fill the workspace
expand to fit


CharlesBot Widgets

  • Send a PM to CharlesBot with: !obs
  • You may do this by entering the following command in your chat room:
/pm CharlesBot !obs

MFC Alerts

  1. Add the MFC user mfcalerts to your Top Friends list (in order to receive your temporary password by PM).
    • You may do this by first entering the following command in your chat room:
    /friend mfcalerts
    • In your Friends List, click on mfcalerts.
    • In the Info Panel, select Actions → Make Top Friend
  2. Send a PM to mfcalerts with: signup
  3. A temporary password with instructions will be PMed to you.