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SplitCam: Streaming to MyFreeCams Video Tutorial


  • Download (and install) SplitCam from https://www.splitcam.com/download
  • In the Model Web Broadcaster (MWB) click Options in the bottom-left corner
  • Select External Broadcaster and click Setup Information
  • Click on Stream Key to copy the Stream Key to the clipboard
  • Launch SplitCam. In the top right corner, expand Stream Settings and click on Add Channel.
  • Select MyFreeCams
  • Paste your Stream Key in the Stream Key box.
  • Click Save & Close to finish the setup

Please see SplitCam Guide for detailed instructions.


How to add mfcalerts to SplitCam

CharlesBot Widgets

  • Send a PM to CharlesBot with: !obs
  • You may do this by entering the following command in your chat room:
/pm CharlesBot !obs

MFC Alerts

  1. Add the MFC user mfcalerts to your Top Friends list (in order to receive your temporary password by PM).
    • You may do this by first entering the following command in your chat room:
    /friend mfcalerts
    • In your Friends List, click on mfcalerts.
    • In the Info Panel, select Actions → Make Top Friend
  2. Send a PM to mfcalerts with: signup
  3. A temporary password with instructions will be PMed to you.