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The MyFreeCams Model Software or Model EXE refers to the software that models need to download and install on their computer in order to be able to broadcast on

Models may also use the web-based Model Web Broadcaster to broadcast on

Computer requirements

The software is designed to run on a PC with Windows. It works on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, 8, 8.1. Any modern computer with Windows can successfully run this software.

A webcam (or video camera) is required to use the software. Please see Recommended Webcams.

If you do not have a Windows PC, please use the Model Web Broadcaster.

Where to download

The software may be downloaded in the Model Admin at any time by a model that has completed the Model Registration Process. It may be downloaded and used on multiple computers.

You should download the file to your Desktop and then double-click the file to install the software.

Warning: Only download the software directly from the Model Admin, NEVER from another website or e-mail attachment.

Software updates

It is extremely important to run the latest version of the model software.

On most computers, the software will update itself automatically. But sometimes the automatic updates may not work due to firewalls or other issues. In that case, you need to manually download the latest software from the Model Admin. Save the file to your Desktop and double-click on it to install it.

To find out if you are running the latest version, run the software and click Version in the top right corner, or see the Version history at the bottom of this page.

Note: You MUST CLOSE any open windows of the model software before upgrading.


After you download and install the software, icons will appear on the Windows desktop and Start menu. Double-clicking those icons will launch the software any time you want to go online.

Click the link that says Start Webcam to activate your webcam and go online on

For instructions on how to use the various features and options in the software, please see the Features and Options for Models.

Common problems and bugs

Windows 8 Issues

Flash Player is integrated into Windows 8 and must be installed from Windows Update.

Also, new drivers for most webcams must also be installed from Windows Update.

Please do the following steps if your webcam is not being recognized:

  1. Plug in webcam and Windows will automatically install the driver.
  2. With webcam plugged in, open Windows Update, and check for new updates. This will find a new driver for the webcam. (Note: trying to update drive via device manager will not find the new driver.)
  3. Install all updates including optional ones, which should update your webcam driver and your Flash if necessary.
  4. Restart your computer if needed.

You can read more about the issues with Flash and Windows 8 here:

Software does not install properly

"Setup Files Are Corrupted" Error

This error occurs when your download of the software did not finish all the way.

  1. Please go back to the Model Admin and download the software again. Please be patient and let it finish.
  2. Then install the software from the new file that you have downloaded.
  3. If you still get an error, please use a different web browser to download the software.

If you still get the same error, you may need to clear the temporary internet files from your computer.

The easiest way is to download and run ATF-Cleaner. After you run it, click Select All, then click Empty Selected.

Then restart the computer, and download the software again and re-install it.

If you continue to have problems, please Contact Model Support.

"The requested operation requires elevation" Error

This just means you need to install the program as an Administrator on your computer.

  1. Download the software to your Desktop.
  2. Right-click on the icon and select "Run as Administrator".

Other Errors

  • Error message: C:\Program Files (x86)\MyFreeCams\MFCChat.exe Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file.
    • Solution: Disable Kaspersky Internet Security, or other anti-virus or security applications.

Software cannot connect to server

Try the following steps in order:

  1. Close and then re-open the software to try again.
  2. Restart your computer. (Turn it completely off, then turn it back on).
  3. It is possible that the server is down, please wait a few minutes and try again.

If you are never able to connect, then the problem is likely with your computer:

  1. Make sure you do not have any Firewalls or Anti-virus programs running. (e.g. Norton, McAfee, etc.)
  2. Try re-installing the software, re-installing Flash Player, and clearing cache files (instructions below).
  3. Reset your router and your Internet connection.

If all else fails, Contact Model Support.

Webcam does not connect / white screen

See Video does not work below.

Video does not work

Click on the Flash Settings link below where the video should be.

If nothing happens, it means you need to re-install Flash Player and clear your cache files according to the instructions below.

If the Flash Settings menu comes up, click on the tab that looks like a Webcam icon and then select the correct source for your webcam. Try each option until the webcam video appears in the software.

If you use a USB cam, please unplug the USB cam, restart your computer, and then plug it back into a different USB port.

If the video still does not appear, then you may need to re-install your webcam drivers, which can be found online or using the CD that came with your webcam or computer.

If all else fails, Contact Model Support.

Sound does not work

Please see Fixing Sound Problems.

Common Solutions

Restart the computer

One of the most effective fixes for any problem is to simply turn off the computer, wait 10 seconds, then turn it back on.

Clear cache and temporary files

Windows updates can often corrupt cache files used by Internet Explorer and Flash Player, and this may cause problems with the model software.

To solve this problem, models just need to clear the temporary internet files on their computer.

The easiest way is to download and run ATF-Cleaner. When it is open, click Select All, then click Empty Selected.

Then restart the computer, and download the model software again and re-install it.

ATF-Cleaner website:

Re-install the Model Software

Log in to the Model Admin and download the latest version of the software and install it.

Re-install Flash Player

Most computers have Flash Player installed but there are many versions of it and it can be installed differently in different browsers.

The proper way to re-install the latest version of Flash Player is to open Internet Explorer and then go to the following URL:

Then follow the steps to install it, and then restart the computer.

Re-install Internet Explorer

The software requires the Internet Explorer web browser that is installed on the local computer, so it helps if the local computer has downloaded and installed the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Run Windows Update

With your webcam plugged in, run Windows Update and check for new updates. Then install the new driver for your webcam, as well as any other relevant updates.

Use the Model Web Broadcaster

If you can't get the software to work, please try using the Model Web Broadcaster.

Software Version History

Current version: 2.2017.10.01

Oldest allowed version before an upgrade is required: 2.2017.04.02

When you open the software, the version number above should be shown in the top-right. If you have an older version, please download and install the new software from your Model Admin as soon as possible.

  • Changes in version 2.2017.10.01
    • Adds support for showing MFC Share purchase notifications in the chat room.
    • Fixes bug where Offline PMs would not show correct username data.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Changes in version 2.2017.08.10
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Changes in version 2.2017.04.15
    • Emoji Support
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Changes in version 2.2016.11.02
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Changes in version 2.2016.08.01
    • Support for Mutes
    • Support for Custom-length Bans
  • Changes in version 2.2016.02.28
    • Support for TopFriends
    • Support for Recent Tippers, including an option to turn this Off.
    • Fixed bug where members were not being removed when going offline.
  • Changes in version 2.2015.03.24
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Changes in version 2.2015.02.20
    • Bug Fix: Links in main window that were failing should now work everywhere again. The use of Windows "compatibility mode" is not needed.
    • Bug Fix: Phantom "Guests" no longer appear in Private or Group.
  • Changes in version 2.2015.02.16
    • Now models can choose separately whether to accept Private Shows and TruePrivate shows.
    • Now models can set Minimum Tokens that a member must have before he can initiate a private show.
  • Changes in version 2.2014.10.18
    • Now models can limit the number of Chat Images that are displayed at one time in Settings. (too many can lag the computer)
    • Improvements to the Hover-over on Chat Images.
  • Changes in version 2.2014.10.14
    • Topic maximum length changed from 100 characters to 140 characters.
  • Changes in version 2.2014.10.12
    • Old HD option removed, new Super HD option renamed regular HD (with mobile support).
    • Tweaks related to Countdowns and Room Helper.
  • Changes in version 2.2014.10.01
    • Room Helpers and Tip Countdowns added, see Model Chat Commands.
    • Guest/Basic Mute is now a persistent setting.
    • Custom Away Message disabled: Now it's either on or off, and if on, will always be "I'm currently away from my computer."
    • Text in windows is now selectable with a mouse, allowing copy & paste to work again.
    • Other improvements and bug fixes.
  • Changes in version 2.2014.07.27 (You may need to update your Internet Explorer to a newer version.)
    • Model Chat Commands added.
    • Tips now have clickable names to select the user making the tip.
    • Updates to internal browser rendering in app, newer version of Internet Explorer used.
    • Emoticons & chat images work better, and new chat image shortcuts are available each time the software is restarted.
    • Bug fixes from previous version.
  • Changes in version 2.2014.05.26
    • Bug fixes from previous version.
  • Changes in version 2.2014.05.19
    • Bug fixes from previous version.
  • Changes in version 2.2014.05.11
    • Video selection of Super HD added, allowing to broadcast on MyFreeCams Mobile.
    • Away Message bugs fixed.
    • Tips in public chat now have the same colors and formatting as the Model Web Broadcaster.
  • Changes in version 2.2013.03.25
    • Better use of video servers.
    • PM Preferences (who can PM you) properly save now from the options page.
  • Changes in version 2.2013.03.19
    • Friends, Ignores, Bans, and 60 Day Bans are managed from their own options window now, 'Friends and Bans'
    • Accidental key press when accept Pvt or Grp window pops up will no longer accept the pvt or group (Must click on 'Yes' to accept)
    • Support for larger font sizes (Huge2, Huge3) as well as fixes to how font size calculations adjusted window sizes
    • Fixed avatar icons that were not showing up for users in PM windows, users without avatar icons no longer show an empty box
    • Guest count only shows up when UserView is set to ALL USERS now
    • Online and Offline friends lists are collapsible on the friend list window by clicking the label
    • New privacy options for who can PM models (works same as website now; accept from any combination of friends, models, premiums or basics)
    • Friends show up above non-friends in Models people list.
    • Flash files updated to be same as ModelWeb versions (may require models to re-authorize flash for access to their camera and mic)
    • Set Topic input control is a larger font, and a wider input control. You can press enter after typing a new topic to set it now.
    • Several security improvements, also now runs as regular user without any administrative rights.
  • Changes in version 2.2011.11.04
  • Changes in version 2.2011.09.16
    • Supports HD Video Beta.
    • Friends, Ignores, Bans, are now alphabetically sorted on the Options page.
  • Changes in version 2.2011.06.21
    • Allows models to set minimum amounts for tips.
    • Allows models to turn off user images in chat rooms.
    • Other bug fixes.
    • Oldest allowed version of Model Software is now 2.2011.06.10.
  • Changes in version 2.2011.06.10
    • Upgrades 7-bit ASCII to UTF-8 encoding (required to view some characters in chat rooms).
    • Private show invitations will now auto-select that member in the User View.
  • Changes in version 2.2011.06.02
    • Fixes related to room counts in Groups and Privates.
    • Required to view Member Webcams on the new system.
  • Changes in version 2.2011.05.25
    • Fixes related to room counts.
    • Improvements for future automatic updates.
  • Changes in version 2.2010.05.13
    • Fixes related to Ban functionality.
  • Changes in version 2.2010.04.28
    • Fixed a bug where some models could not view member webcams.
  • Changes in version 2.2010.04.22
    • Fixed script errors that were reported by some models.
    • User View setting is now remembered for future sessions.
  • Changes in version 2.2010.04.19
    • Fixed a rare bug dealing with buttons not showing up.
  • Changes in version 2.2010.04.15
    • Fixes related to Ban functionality.
    • Other bug fixes from previous versions.
  • Changes in version 2.2010.04.06
    • Additional emoticons supported, including ones recently submitted by users.
    • Much faster friends-list processing.
    • Proper handling for when the number of friends reaches maximum capacity.
  • Changes in version 2.2010.03.03
    • User images and emoticons are now visible to models.
    • User View link has been moved to the top of the chatroom name list.
    • New feature: Guest chat may be turned on or off.
    • New feature: Basic members may be muted for 10 minutes.
    • Other bug fixes from previous versions.
  • Changes in version 2.2010.02.10
    • Bug fixes from previous version, including offline messages, timestamps, user images, and more.
  • Changes in version 2.2010.01.27
    • Bug fixes from previous version, including fixing Script errors and displaying names of users.
  • Changes in version 2.2010.01.20
    • Users who do not have a profile will no longer have the "View user's profile" link.
    • Clicking to see a user's cam or profile should no longer freeze the software.
    • Big improvements in software speed and performance.
    • Away Private has been removed. (It will not work in older versions either.)
    • Various other bug fixes.