Rules for Models

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Jump to: navigation, search is proud to be the place where models can express their creativity.

However, the important rules on this page must be respected, or the model may face penalties including warnings, fines, suspension, account closure, and even a permanent ban.

Forbidden Things

The following things, actual, implied or offered, are absolutely forbidden on this website at any time and for any reason, in both private and public chat.

Most of them constitute Zero-Tolerance violations which means you will be banned the first time it happens.

And even if your account is re-instated, you will LOSE THE TOKENS that you earned by breaking the rules so there is absolutely no point to breaking these rules.

  • Men on camera for any reason. Men should not even be in the same room.
  • Sexual relations with men, even just outside the view of the camera.
  • Minors, children, babies; may not be on camera or in the same room.
  • Unauthorized persons / unregistered models (people who have not submitted their ID to us.)
  • Bestiality, or animals/pets on camera in a sexual or provocative context.
  • Urination, defecation, "going to the bathroom", enema play.
  • Vomiting.
  • Breastfeeding or lactation.
  • Menstrual bleeding.
  • Illegal drugs.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, medicines, or narcotics.
  • Sleeping or passing out.
  • Hypnosis
  • Rape
  • Incest, or sexual contact between family members.
  • Penetration of the vagina or anus with items not meant for sexual stimulation.
  • Fisting.
  • Violence, cutting, blood, torture, non-consensual pain, erotic asphyxiation, or any actions associated with bringing injury or risk of injury.
  • Escorting, prostitution, solicitation. Models may not offer to meet in person for money. Models may not accept Tokens for in-person meetings.
  • Discussing sex with children, even in fantasy or roleplay.
  • Illegal or unsafe activity of any kind.
  • Anything that would impair consent.
  • Actions that may be deemed obscene in your community.
  • Anything in violation of our Online Safety and Age Verification page.
  • Anything in violation of our Rules and Guidelines page. Models must follow the same rules as members do.

Working on more than one site (Split-camming)

It is allowed for models to work on multiple sites at the same time. There is no penalty for it. However, it is strongly discouraged for the following reasons:

  • Models working on multiple sites have to split their time and attention.
  • Models working on multiple sites have to split their bandwidth (connection speed) and therefore the video quality on both sites suffers.

Models that work only on make much more money than models that are active on multiple websites.

Private shows

There are no set rules for what a model must do in a private show. This is entirely up to the model and the member.

Nudity is customary in private shows so if the model does not feel comfortable with nudity she is required to tell the member within the first minute of the show.

Models should keep in mind that private shows may be expensive for members, so delaying the show or asking for additional tips may be considered rude.


If a model promises something in exchange for a tip, she should follow through on that promise.

Models that intentionally attempt to scam members will be penalized and banned from the website.

Talking to other models

Models are allowed to talk with other models on the site, as long as they do so in a respectful way.

Models may choose to block other models from entering their chat room, or ban/ignore models that enter their room.

Talking to guests and members

Models are in charge of their chat rooms and may talk to anyone they want.

Models may ban or ignore anyone they want, for any reason.

It is suggested that models are nice to guests and members as that will increase their popularity, earnings, and enjoyment of their work. But ultimately this is entirely up to the model.

Camming with Other Models

Only other registered models may appear on cam with you.

If you have another model on cam with you, please make sure to put her MFC username in your Room Topic so everyone knows who she is, and so we know it is not an unauthorized person.

Please do not be off cam for more than a few seconds while a guest model is camming on your account.

Exchanging contact information allows the exchange of any kind of information between models and members, including e-mails, online messenger screen names.

As with any interaction over the Internet, models should use their best judgment before revealing their personal information.

Receiving payment outside MyFreeCams

Models are not allowed to ask for, or receive, payment outside of the website.


It is highly recommended that models be transmitting audible sound at all times while they are online, including both in public and private chat.

It's a good idea for models to check with members in the chat room to make sure they can hear the model at an appropriate volume.

Chat rooms with sound are always more enjoyable and have more members. Even background noise or the sound of keystrokes provides for a more real-life experience for the members watching.

Models may refer to the Fixing Sound Problems page for more help.


Any attempt at fraud will result in a permanent ban, without payment. (e.g. Working together with a member or "hacker" to accept tokens paid for with stolen credit cards.)

Models are required to report all such suspicious activity, or the model may be considered complicit.

Advertising and spam

Models are not allowed to advertise competing websites or third-party commercial websites.

Models are allowed to mention their own personal profiles, homepages, wishlists, as long as it is done in an unobtrusive manner.

Face on camera

Models are required to keep their face on camera, at least part of the time. (Permanently hiding one's face off camera, wearing a mask, or only showing one's face in private chat is not allowed.)

This website is about friendly personal interaction and that is only possible when members see the faces of the models.

Logging in to member accounts

Models are not allowed to ask for members' account information or to log in using accounts that do not belong to them.

Models can log in on the site using their own model accounts or by creating their own member accounts.

Playing recorded video

Models trying to deceive members by playing recorded video instead of actually being live on webcam will be immediately banned, without payment.

Typing in the chat room

Models are the only ones that are allowed to use their keyboard in their rooms. "Operator" accounts where someone types in place of the model are not allowed, even in cases where the model cannot reach the keyboard or needs help with the English language.


You can find the list of administrators and official MyFreeCams usernames on our Administrators page.

No one else on this website is an administrator or has any sort of special privileges.

If a member is claiming to be an administrator or moderator or officially connected to this website in any way, this member is lying, and please report him on our Contact Model Support page.

Additional Advice

What to do on camera

We will never tell a model what to do or how to act. But here is some advice from our most successful models on how you can have fun and make lots of money:

  • Talk. Speak with your voice, not just with your keyboard. Even if your English is not perfect, try it anyway!
  • Be Creative. Do something unique and original.
  • Be Interactive. Try to actively interact with the members in your room. Maybe play a game with them.
  • Be Patient. Take your time and explore the site and its features. Keep an open mind and make some new friends.
  • Keep a Schedule. Try to come online at about the same time each day or week so members know when to expect to see you.
  • Learn from others. Watch the top models at and see what makes them successful.

Remember that this site is not all about sex or nudity. You can be very sexy and never even remove your clothes. Have fun!

How to get discovered

  • Avatar. Make your "avatar" attractive and eye-catching so members are more likely to click it and come to your room.
  • Topic. Set a descriptive room topic so members know what's happening in your room.
  • Model Tags. Add detailed Model Tags for yourself so members can find you using the Search.
  • News Feed. Use the News Feed to let members know what you're doing. News Feed posts appear in Search results too.

If something interesting is happening in your room, members will quickly tell each other in the Lounge and you will have lots of people in your room. Also, your room will then appear in the Most Popular Rooms list and you will get even more members.

Social Media

Many successful models actively use Twitter , Instagram, Snapchat and other social media apps in order to keep in touch with their fans and promote themselves.

Many MFC models are very active on Twitter and this is a great place to learn about the community.

You can see all the official MFC social media accounts in our Media page.

In particular, please follow us on Twitter at and look through our feed to learn about the creative models in the community.

Explore your broadcasting options

Whether you are using the MyFreeCams Model Software or the Model Web Broadcaster, be sure to click Options or Settings and look at every single thing you can change. Here are some suggestions:

  • Mute Guests / Mute Basics. If you do not want guests or basic members to chat in your room, click Mute Guests/Basics.
  • Turn Private Messages to "Friends Only". If you are getting overwhelmed with too many PMs, change it so that only people on your Friends list can message you.
  • Turn On PM Manager. That will put all of your Private Messages in 1 window instead of in multiple windows.
  • Turn off Private Shows / Group Shows. If you do not want Private Show requests, you can turn those off in your settings.

Connection Speed

It is very important that models have the fastest possible Internet connection. Models with a fast Internet connection will...

  • Have higher video and audio quality.
  • Experience fewer disconnections and other problems.
  • Make much more money and have a much better experience on the website.

It is strongly recommended that models buy the best and most expensive Internet connection that is available. Any difference in cost will be earned back in a few hours.

Here are some additional things models can do to improve their connection speed:

  • Do not work on other sites at the same time (split-cam), as this divides the connection speed!
  • Do not download or upload data while you are online. (e.g. playing Youtube videos.)
  • Whenever possible, use a Wired connection (e.g. using an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to your cable modem or router) instead of connecting via Wireless.


The most important part of looking good on camera is having proper Lighting.

Room Decoration

Models should decorate their room in light, bright colors. Good Lighting will make any space look better.

Recommended Webcams

Models should buy the best possible webcam or video camera they can afford. See Recommended Webcams.