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Before you read this page, remember that most problems can be fixed if you:

  1. Restart your web browser. (Close all windows then open it back up.)
  2. Clear your cache and cookies.
  3. Use a different web browser. (We recommend Google Chrome)
  4. Restart/reboot your computer.


For better or worse, is one of the most technologically advanced websites on the Internet. And we don't just mean out of webcam sites or adult sites, we are talking about all websites. We love pushing the envelope of technology and stretching the capabilities of web browsers to bring you the best possible interactive experience. As a result, strange technical errors will happen from time to time.

Please read this whole page to learn about how to solve nearly any technical issue you may encounter on this website. If you do not find a solution on this page, please Contact Support and we will try to help.

Over 90% of reported problems are solved by the following section on clearing cache and cookies and then restarting your computer, or using another web browser like Google Chrome.

Clearing cache and cookies

Cache is the technical term for temporary files that are stored on your computer while you browse web pages so that the next time you visit the same page it loads faster.

Cookies are small text files that are used by our website to remember your account information, preferences, and so on.

Sometimes your cache or cookies can get corrupted and mess things up. So the easiest thing to do is to clear (delete) your cache and cookies. Here is how to delete cache and cookies for each web browser:

  • Internet Explorer: Click on the Tools link at the top, and then Delete Browsing History. Then click on Delete Temporary Internet files (cache) and then click on Delete Cookies. Then close all web browser windows and restart it.
  • Firefox: Click on Tools links at the top, and then Clear Private Data. Select Cache and Cookies and then click clear. Then close all web browser windows and restart it.
  • Google Chrome: Click the Wrench icon in the top-right and then click on Clear Browsing Data. Select Cache and Cookies and then click clear. Then close all web browser windows and restart it.
  • Opera: Click on Tools links at the top, and then Delete Private Data. Then press Delete. Then close all web browser windows and restart it.
  • Safari: Click on Edit at the top, and then Reset Safari and make sure that Cache and Cookies are checked. Then close all web browser windows and restart it.

As you can see, the steps are pretty much the same for any browser you use even if you have one that's not on our list. You may also want to restart your computer after clearing your cookies and cache just for good measure.

After you come back to the site with your cookies cleared, you should be logged out which means you will have to log in again.

Choosing a web browser

Your web browser is the program that you use to browse the Internet. On Windows computers, Internet Explorer is your default web browser.

Unfortunately, older versions of Internet Explorer can be very slow on complex interactive websites, including this one. So if you use Internet Explorer, please make sure it is updated to Version 9.0 or later.

You may also want to try other popular browsers:

  • Google Chrome: This fantastic web browser was built by Google to make resource-intensive sites (like this one) run very fast - it uses a revolutionary new system to handle JavaScript and memory allocation. If you are noticing any slow-downs with popup windows, or experiencing difficulty typing, or this website is running slow in general, we highly recommend that you download and use Google Chrome.
  • Firefox: The most popular alternative to Internet Explorer and preferred by some users. But we recommend Google Chrome instead.

Note for AOL users: We recommend that you use an external web browser rather than the default web browser in your AOL software. Once you connect to AOL, just launch Google Chrome or another web browser outside of AOL, and you will see much improved performance.

Adobe Flash player

This website uses Adobe Flash player to transmit chat, video, and other data. You can download it free here:

It is important that you install (or re-install) Flash player from the same web browser as you use to browse our website. Sometimes installing Flash player in one browser, will not automatically install it in other web browsers.

So if you are having any problems, you may need to re-install Flash and then restart your computer and try again.

Green Screen Bug

If you are seeing a green screen instead of the normal video feed, you are hitting a temporary bug between Adobe Flash Player and your video driver.

Until Adobe Flash Player comes out with an update to fix the bug, many users have found that a quick solution to the problem is to Disable Hardware Acceleration in their Flash Player.

Here is a step-by-step explanation how to disable Hardware Acceleration in Flash Player

(Another way to fix this issue is to roll back your most recent Flash Player update (version 11.2.x.x), by installing an earlier version such as 11.1.x.x.)

Archive Playback Bug

There is another temporary bug in the newest Adobe Flash Player version 11.2.x.x that causes your archived private videos to stop playing suddenly.

We think that the next update of Adobe Flash Player will have a fix for this bug, hopefully within a week or so.

For now, the only way to fix it is to downgrade back to an earlier version of Adobe Flash Player such as version 11.1.x.x which works fine.


This website relies on JavaScript for many of its interactive and dynamic aspects and features.

All modern full-functioning web browsers support JavaScript, but if you have any problems try these tips:

  • Check that you have JavaScript enabled (not disabled) in your web browser.
  • Check that your security settings do not forbid the execution of JavaScript.
  • Use a standard modern full-functioning web browser.
  • The best browser for JavaScript is Google Chrome.

Backup connection modes

By default, our website will attempt to connect to your computer using Flash, and over 99.9% of our members connect this way.

As a backup, if your Flash is not properly configured, we will attempt to connect using Java. You can download the latest version of Java if you need to.

Even if you do not have Java installed, we will attempt to connect using AJAX.

However, if you are connecting using Java or AJAX, this likely means your Flash player is not properly installed which means you will not be able to see any video. So make sure your Flash works!

Advanced users can adjust their connection modes by going to My Account -> Connection modes. We highly recommend always leaving on the Detect Automatically option.


There are lots of programs out there that claim to protect your computer including firewalls, anti-virus programs, security suites, and so on. In most cases, these programs are constantly running on your computer and significantly slow down everything you do, particularly browsing the web.

The most common culprits are Norton and McAfee but there are hundreds of others. If you notice this website running slow, we strongly recommend that you temporarily disable these programs while you are on this website.

We promise you that this website is 100% safe and we will never modify or harm your computer in any way. After all, we spend countless hours here ourselves and our computers are just fine.

Note for your firewall settings: this website uses ports 1935, 8100, 5001 to broadcast Flash video and to connect to our chat server.

McAfee and Google Chrome

There is a problematic interaction between McAfee and Google Chrome where unless you make some changes to your default McAfee settings, McAfee will prevent Adobe Flash Player from running properly inside Google Chrome.

If you encounter this problem, you will attempt to load with Google Chrome and it will just hang on the loading screen for a while, and then you will be redirected to our Java connection mode. But since Flash is not properly loaded, the video from our site will not load on your computer.

Solution: The way to fix this problem is to modify your McAfee settings to allow Google Chrome full access which will allow Flash Player to load properly. Here is how to do that in the 2012 version of McAfee, you may need to modify it for your version...

  1. Right-click on the McAfee shield next to your clock in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Under "Change Settings" click "Firewall".
  3. Click "Internet Connections for Programs" then find "Google Chrome" in the list of your applications, and select it.
  4. Click "Edit", change "Access" to "Full", then click "Save" and close the McAfee window.
  5. Completely close and reopen Google Chrome.

That should fix it. If you need further instructions, try Googling How to Unblock Chrome in McAfee.

You may need to follow the same instructions for other browsers, but this bug particularly affects Google Chrome because it has the Flash Player built into it.

If you are unable or unwilling to give Google Chrome permissions within McAfee, then please use a different web browser to connect to our website.

Spyware and Viruses

There are lots of names for it; spyware, adware, and even viruses. There is lots of junk out there that you don't want on your computer (it's called Bad Software or "Badware"). does not contain or link to any Badware. But lots of other websites do, and that is why according to some estimates over 50% of all computers in the world have some Badware installed.

Badware can do various things on your computer such as display advertising, launch pop-ups, or even send spam, all without you knowing. Worse yet, Badware makes your computer run slow which makes this website appear to run slow.

Ways you can get rid of Badware on your computer (all free):

There is a great forum called SpywareInfo Forum where you can post any questions and get some quick help.

If you think you have a real virus rather than just some badware, here are some good free anti-virus utilities: Clamwin Anti-Virus, Avast Anti-Virus, and AVG Free Anti-Virus.

After you run these programs and get your computers clean, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT leave them running all the time, because they will slow down your computer just as bad as the badware they cleaned up.

Note: Lots of Badware installs itself into Internet Explorer, so often the best solution is to use the Google Chrome web browser instead.


This website relies heavily on Cookies to store your account information and preferences. Please make sure that your web browser is able to accept cookies while you are on this website. After you leave, you can clear your cookies if you want, but the next time you come back to this website you will just have to log in again.

Privacy / Stealth / Incognito modes

Some web browsers offer the option to turn on some sort of Privacy Mode and this may interfere with our ability to set cookies on your computer, which make it difficult or impossible to log in or navigate this website.

So if you notice that something is not working as it should, please consider turning off this privacy mode while on this website. As always, we pledge that your privacy is our top priority and we would never do anything to violate it.

Website is running slowly or sluggishly

This entire page deals with this topic. Please read this whole page top to bottom and try our suggestions and you will almost certainly end up with a faster and more pleasant experience on this website.

In summary:

  1. Clear your cache and cookies.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Try a different web browser (especially Google Chrome).
  4. Disable your firewalls, anti-viruses, or other security programs.
  5. Scan your computer for Badware.
  6. Check your Internet connection (speed tests at and
  7. Re-install Flash player.

If nothing helps, please Contact Support.

Slow typing and letters skipping

Some users have reported a strange bug, where as they type in Private Messages or pop-up windows, some letters skip once in a while. This bug seems to be most apparent in old versions Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Here is what you can do to fix it:

  1. Try a different web browser (especially Google Chrome).
  2. Disable your firewalls, anti-viruses, or other security programs.
  3. Click Pause Updates or Hide at the top of the model list.

Member webcams

All premium members are able to launch their own webcams at any time and share them with anyone they choose including other members or models. You can set your privacy settings in your Personal Options to determine who is allowed to see your webcam.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click Start My Webcam and then Accept the rules, then wait a few seconds for your camera to turn on (please be patient).
  2. The first time you do this, you will see an Adobe Flash Player Settings window where you will have to click to ALLOW this website www.myfreecams.comto access your webcam.
  3. At this point your webcam should be running and you should be able to see a picture in your My Webcam window.

If you do not see the webcam picture but instead all you see is a white screen, please try the following:

  • Sometimes other things on your computer (other cameras, video cards, software) will show up as a camera source to Flash, and you need to specify which one is your active webcam.
    • Right-click your mouse on the white screen (where your webcam picture should show) and click on "Settings".
    • Click on the "webcam" icon to bring up that tab and makes sure that your webcam is selected as the proper camera source.
    • Make sure no other software like Yahoo, SplitCam, or other messenger/video applications are open, sometimes they can lock up the camera so other programs (like Flash) can not access the webcam.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Flash player installed, re-install it if you have to.
  • Make sure that your webcam is properly installed. This means that in addition to physically connecting your webcam to your computer you must also install the proper drivers to make it work. Usually these drivers came on the CD with your webcam, but otherwise you can Google your webcam type and download drivers for free online.
  • Make sure you are using a normal web browser, and not any sort of private browsing mode.

Member webcams on Macs

Your webcam should work on this site. You may need to right-click (or alternate-click, click the touchpad with two fingers) on the video to bring up the Flash Settings and then in the Webcam tab select a different webcam Flash source, such as 'USB Camera which seems to be the correct selection for Macbook Pro computers.

There is a bug in the new OSX Lion where the Flash Player Settings dialog pops up and you would normally click "Allow" but you are unable to do so. Here is how to fix it:

  1. Go to System Preferences on your Mac
  2. Go to Camera and Mic Settings By Site...
  3. Type in "", select Allow, and click Add.


Some members have reported that Microsoft LifeCam webcams and some others do not work properly with Flash on our site.

The solution is to use a program like ManyCam which will interface between the webcam drivers and Flash.

You would install and run ManyCam and select your LifeCam. Then, with ManyCam running, you can start your webcam on MyFreeCams and select ManyCam as the source and it should work.

Video or audio not playing smoothly

The following factors can contribute to this issue:

Your Internet connection: This website is best experienced by users who have a broadband Internet connection (DSL, Cable, etc). To test your Internet connection speed, check out or the SpeakEasy Speed Test. Our central servers are located in Washington State (Northwest USA).

The Internet connection speed of the model: If the model has a slow Internet connection or if there is some network congestion between the model and our central servers, then the video and audio signal that we relay to our members may be of lower quality. You can click on "More Info" or "Menu" next to any model's avatar to see the current connection speed which may be Very Bad, Bad, Average, Good, and Very Good.

We invest heavily in our infrastructure and purchase the best available bandwidth to ensure the fastest possible connections to our members and models around the world. From time to time there may be circumstances beyond our control such as network outages around the world which can temporarily slow down the connections of some users and models.

The health of your computer: In some cases, what seems like a slow Internet connection is just a symptom of another computer problem that is causing this website to be sluggish. See the ways to speed up this site above.

The computer of the model: The quality of the model's computer, webcam and microphone all have an effect on the quality of the video and audio feed.

Problems connecting to the website

Try clearing your cache and cookies and then restarting your browser, or even restarting your computer.

Check your firewall, anti-virus, or security applications. This is the most common cause of this problem.

If you continue to have problems, Contact Support.

Problems logging in to your account

Make sure you are using the correct username and password. You may use our Forgot Password utility to have your username and password e-mailed to you. Or look for the e-mail that was sent to you when you first signed up which will also contain your username and password.

Corrupted cookies or cache. Try clearing your cookies and cache.

Did you de-activate your account? If so, you will not be able to login until you Contact Support and ask us to re-activate your account.

Are you banned? Contact Support and find out.

Problems registering a new account

To register for a free account just go to and click on any link that says Free Registration. You will need to enter a username, password, and a valid e-mail address where your confirmation link will be sent. You will need to click this link to activate the new account.

If you signed up with an incorrect e-mail address, you will not be able to activate the account so you will need to sign up again. Choose another username and enter the correct e-mail address this time.

If you entered your e-mail address correctly but did not receive the verification e-mail anyway, please wait a few minutes and check your Spam or Bulk folders. If the e-mail still does not arrive, please use a different e-mail ISP provider. We recommend and use Gmail ourselves (with Gmail, the e-mail will go into your Inbox or Spam folder but it will never just disappear!)

Popups and windows not opening

Because of the interactive nature of this website, many of our links open small popup windows for things such as private messages.

Pop-up blockers: We have done our best to make sure that our site works with common pop-up blockers such as the ones built in to toolbars or browsers. However, if you experience problems on our site, please temporarily disable these popup blockers or specifically allow our site to pop up windows. We will never pop up advertisements or anything other than what you click on.

Web browser errors: There is a bug in the Internet Explorer web browser where if you have too many windows already open, or if you do not have enough free memory, new requested pop-ups will simply not open and a JavaScript error may show up instead. In this case, your best solution is to clear your cache and cookies and restart your computer, or try using another web browser.

Badware: Badware like spyware or viruses can cause all sorts of strange behavior in your web browser. We recommend you try using another web browser and clean your computer to get rid of Badware.

Anti-Virus / Security / Firewall Software: Software like Norton or McAfee sometimes have popup-blockers built in. You should disable that software when on our site, or enable popups in the options.

Tokens not showing up

When you purchase tokens using a credit card, they should be credited to your account within a few minutes.

You may need to refresh or reload to see the new token amount. In rare cases, you may need to clear cache and cookies and log in again.

It is also possible that this purchase did not go through or your credit card was declined. For any successful purchase you will receive a purchase confirmation receipt to your e-mail.

If you have received the purchase confirmation receipt but still have not received tokens, Contact Support.

Chat Scroll Issues

Some users have reported the following issues with scrolling in the chat rooms:

1. Chat room scroll "jumps" all the way to the top and stays there until manually scrolled down.

2. Chat room scroll does not stay scrolled all the way down automatically, causing you to miss new chat until you scroll down.

We are not exactly sure what causes either of these issues, but if you use another web browser the problem will likely go away.

If you want to help us fix these issues, please Contact Support with as many details as you can.