Model Registration Process

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The Model Registration Process refers to the steps required for a model to properly register and begin broadcasting on


The first step is for a model to submit the initial Application at

Models should include their full legal name, e-mail address, a few words about themselves, and some photos which can be either uploaded or linked. After clicking Submit Application, the model confirm and submit the Application.

Applications are usually reviewed within 24 hours and when they are approved the model will receive an e-mail containing a link to proceed to the following Account Creation step.

Account creation

During this step, the model must review the Information for Models and Rules for Models at and learn about payment.

Models will complete their account information and choose their Username, which will be their Screen Name on the website.

Please see Choosing a Model Username.

New accounts are usually reviewed within 24 hours and when they are approved the model will receive an e-mail instructing them to login at the Model Login Page to complete their profile.

Completing the model profile

After the model logs in to her Model Admin from the Model Login Page, several steps must be completed before the model can go online.

Fill out the profile

The model should fill out her profile and in particular the Profile Headline. The model can edit it later at any time. This will the information shown on her MyFreeCams Profile page.

Upload an avatar photo

An Avatar photo is the small photo that will be displayed on the homepage and in various other places including the top-left of the model's Profile page.

  • Avatars must be a real-life photo of the model. (No photos of other people or cartoon-style depictions.)
  • Avatars must not contain any Hardcore content or actions.
  • Avatars must not contain text or watermarks.
  • Avatars must not contain official-looking overlays (e.g. a yellow *NEW MODEL* stripe)
  • Avatars should not feature nudity.
  • Avatars should contain the face of the model.

To upload an avatar, click Upload Photos, then select Avatar from the Gallery drop-down menu. Then the model may either upload a picture from the model's computer, or upload it directly from the model's webcam.

Fill out documents


The model must enter her full name as it appears on her ID in the next step.

The model must enter any aliases or nicknames or other names she has ever been known by.

Date of birth

The model must enter her date of birth.

Identification Documents

The model must upload at least one government-issued ID that contains her:

  • Name
  • Picture
  • Date of birth

All 3 pieces of information should be on the same side of the ID.

If the information is on different sides of an ID, then the different sides must be able to be connected in some way, such as by a unique identification number on both sides.

Otherwise, multiple IDs may be needed. For example, if an ID contains only the picture and name of a model, then a birth certificate that contains the name and date of birth could be provided, and the model could be approved.

Please scan your ID or take a photo of it with a digital camera.

Save the resulting image in JPG format (preferred), or PDF, TIF, or BMP formats which are also accepted, and then upload it in the Documents section of the Model Admin and wait for approval.

Examples by Country

Colombia The national ID is acceptable as long as the front and back are both submitted, and the ID number is visible on both sides. But the provisional ID is not acceptable by itself because the photo is on its own side and therefore cannot be linked to the name or date of birth.

Sign the Model Contract

After the full name and date of birth are filled out, click the button to read the contact for models and digitally sign it at the bottom.

This is a legally binding document and models should read it carefully.

Document Approval

Documents are usually reviewed within 24 hours, and then either approved or rejected.

Models can find out if they have been approved by logging in to the Model Admin and clicking to the Documents section.

If approved, the model should be able to download the software. If that link is not available, then the model should click on the Start Here link in the top left and see what steps have been missing.

If rejected, there will be a reason for the rejection, and the model usually will be able to fix whatever is wrong such as, for example, re-submitting a clearer photo of the ID.

Broadcast Your Webcam

After all of the preceding required steps are completed, the model may click on the Start Here link in the Model Admin. When all of the statuses have OK

next to them, the link to Broadcast Your Webcam will appear.

Or, simply visit to login to the Model Web Broadcaster and you are ready to go online!