Information for Studios

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Payment information

Studios are paid the full amount earned by the models within the studio, and it is the responsibility of the studio to pay the models.

The amount paid to studios is the same as the amount paid to models, see Payment Information for Models.

It is important that studios make it clear to their models that the models are employed by the studio and therefore will be paid by the studio (and not by

Rules for studios

Studios are responsible for:

  • Providing their models help during the registration process.
  • Clearly explaining the rules of this website.
  • Technical assistance and support.
  • Prompt payment to their models in accordance with the terms of the contract between the studio and model.

Studio administrators may not send mass MFC mail or PMs to members or encourage their models to do so. Members get annoyed with being spammed and will not visit or tip models who do this.

The best way to help models gain a following is to make the most of the new model period. It is strongly recommended for models to not split-cam during their new model period.

A studio is not simply a "model referral program." The studio must provide value to its models.

Studio administrators may NOT tell members or models online that they are a studio administrator, or attempt to recruit models for their studio. If this happens, the member account and studio account will both be banned.

Studio administrators may NOT chat as the model in her room or via MFC mail or PMs, even if the model has trouble with the English language. We do not allow these operator-chat rooms on this site.

Rules for models

Studios are required to read the Rules for Models, and make sure that each of their models also reads and understands all of our rules.

Instructions and features for studios

After the studio account is approved, studios may log in to the Studio Admin page.

Adding models

Update: We do not accept new Studio Models.

To add models simply click the Add Model link in the Studio Admin and follow the instructions.

The model will need to login to her Model Admin and complete her profile.

See the Model Registration Process for more information.

Instructions and features for models

Studios should read the Instructions and Features for Models page which explains all the different options and settings that models have on this website, that will enable them and the studio to make more money.

How to sign up as a Studio

Go to our Model Signup Page, studios can signup in the same place.