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In addition to some of the standard user Chat Commands, models may also use the chat commands on this page.


Model Chat Commands

Type any of the commands below in your chat room in the ModelWeb (some of the commands also work in a Private Message window). All commands begin with the forward slash (/) key.

Words surrounded by square brackets ' [ ' and ' ] ' indicate a required value. The square brackets themselves are not to be included into the text box when entering your command. For example, [USERNAME] would require a username (i.e. "John123").


Show a list of all chat commands in a pop-up window.

  • Usage: /help


Send a Private Message to a user (even if they are offline).

  • Usage: /pm [username] [message] (where [username] is any member or model, and [message] is your message)
  • Example: /pm bigbob1 Hello : sends the message, "Hello" to member "bigbob1"


Set the room topic.

  • Usage: /topic [new topic]
  • Example: /topic Welcome to my room! : sets your room topic to "Welcome to my room!"


Stop broadcasting and set state to Away. Identical to clicking the "Go Away" link under the video.

  • Usage: /away


Resume broadcasting in Public Chat. Identical to clicking the "I'm Back" link under the away screen.

  • Usage: /live


Look up a user. Identical to clicking on a user, selecting Actions and choosing 'View Profile & Notes'.

  • Usage: /lookup [username]
  • Example: /lookup bigbob1 : brings up bigbob1's info on your screen

/friend, /unfriend

Add or Remove a user from your list of friends.

  • Usage: /friend [username]
  • Usage: /unfriend [username]
  • Example: /friend bigbob1 : adds the member "bigbob1" to your friends list


Kick a user from this room (they are allowed to re-enter).

  • Usage: /kick [username]
  • Example: /kick bigbob1 : kicks the member "bigbob1" from your room

/mute, /unmute

This command serves two functions:

1. Toggle whether or not Basic Members and Guests may chat in your room:

  • Usage: /mute [basic | guest] [on | off | show] (where the first part is either "basic" or "guest" and the second part is "on" or "off" or "show")
  • Example: /mute guest on : mutes guests in your room

2. Add or Remove a user from your muted users list.

Muted users may remain in the room and view the video, but cannot chat (except in tip notes).
  • Usage: /mute [username] [time] ([time] is how many minutes or hours, which defaults to 6 hours if omitted)
  • Usage: /mute -c [username] [time] : clear any recent chat from the muted user
  • Usage: /unmute [username]
  • Example: /mute Bob1234 5m or /mute Bob1234 10h : mutes Bob1234 for 5 minutes or 10 hours

/ban, /unban

Add or Remove a user from your banned members list. Banned users are blocked from entering the room. Bans do not prevent a user from sending tips (with tip notes) or PMing.

  • Usage: /ban [username] [time] : ([time] is how many minutes or hours, which defaults to 6 hours if omitted)
  • Usage: /unban [username]
  • Usage: /ban -c [username] [time] : clear any recent chat from the banned user
  • Example: /ban bigbob1 : bans the member "bigbob1"

/ignore, /unignore

Add or Remove a user from your ignored users list. Users who are ignored are unable to contact you in any way (not even through PMs, MFC mails, or tip notes).

  • Usage: /ignore [username]
  • Usage: /unignore [username]
  • Example: /ignore bigbob1 : adds the member "bigbob1" to your ignored users list


Write in chat room that you are performing an action in the third-person.

  • Usage: /me [message]
  • Usage: /em [message]
  • Example: /me likes red cars : if your name is Julia123, it will say in the chat: *Julia123 likes red cars

/sarcasm, /sar, /sarcastic

Write a sarcastic message: the message will be slanted backwards (reverse of italics) to indicate that you are being sarcastic (not serious).

  • Usage: /sar [message]
  • Example: /sar You're really cool!


Add/remove Room Helpers (moderators).

  • Usage: /rh [username]
  • Usage: /helper [username]
  • Example: /rh Bob123 : sets member Bob123 as your Room Helper until you log off
  • Usage: /rh show : display the username of your current room helper
  • Usage: /rh none : remove any active room helper

There can only be one Room Helper at a time, and making someone new a Room Helper will automatically remove it from the previous user.

Room Helpers automatically reset when you log off. They are intentionally temporary.

Room Helpers are able to set your Room Topic, manage Countdowns, Ban/Mute/Kick users, and mute/ Guests/Basics. See the Room Helper page for more info.


Manage your Countdown.

  • Usage: /countdown [total] [remaining (optional)]
  • Usage: /c [total] [remaining (optional)]
  • Example: /c 1000 : Start a new countdown from 1000 tokens
  • Example: /c 1000 200 : Start a 1000 token countdown that has 200 tokens remaining (800 tokens already earned)
  • Usage: /c [+/-adjustment] (Note: A "plus" adjustment cannot exceed tokens left in the count, a "minus" adjustment cannot exceed tokens earned so far)
  • Example: /c +100 : This simulates someone tipping you 100 tokens (e.g. If someone sent a ninja tip and you want it to count)
  • Example: /c -100 : This is to "undo" a tip of 100 tokens (e.g. If someone tipped but you did not want it to count)
  • Usage: /c none : Removes any active countdown
  • Usage: /c resume : Resumes a countdown that was interrupted due to a short term disconnection

See the Countdowns page for more information.