MFC Alerts

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MFC Alerts demo1.jpg

MFC Alerts is an OBS/XSplit video overlay plugin for models created in the MFC community as an unofficial add-on. In October 2018, MFC Alerts became an official MFC feature and is now offered free to all MFC models.

Sign up

To start using MFC Alerts:

  1. Add the MFC user mfcalerts to your Top Friends list (in order to receive your temporary password by PM).
    • You may do this by first entering the following command in your chat room:
    /friend mfcalerts
    • In your Friends List, click on mfcalerts.
    • In the Info Panel, select Actions → Make Top Friend
  2. Send a PM to mfcalerts with: signup
  3. Login to your MFC Alerts account at using the temporary password that is PMed to you.
  4. Change your password after logging in.

Detailed installation instructions are provided at


  • To see a summary of available commands while online, PM mfcalerts with the message: help
/pm mfcalerts help
  • If you forgot your password, you may reset it by sending a PM to mfcalerts with: reset
/pm mfcalerts reset
  • To stop using MFC Alerts, send a PM to mfcalerts with the message: quit
/pm mfcalerts quit
  • If you accidentally banned or kicked mfcalerts from your room, send mfcalerts a PM with: join
/pm mfcalerts join

Updates & Support


What kind of files can be uploaded for the alerts?
Official MFC Alerts usernames?
Where to look for images?
GIPHY, Google Images
Stock media sites: shutterstock, envato, Pond5
How to make MFC Alerts fit perfectly in viewport?
OBS: In sources, right click MFC Alerts → Transform → Reset Transform
Why does MFC Alerts work in Chrome but not OBS?
In the Advanced section of OBS Settings, uncheck ▢ Enable Browser Source Hardware Acceleration and restart OBS. (Windows only)