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CamScore is an automatic score that is calculated for all models based on their performance on the site.


When a new visitor arrives at, thousands of online models need to be presented in some kind of default order, until the new visitor has a chance to select their own preference. Unfortunately, finding an order that is satisfactory for everyone is a more difficult task than it may seem.

For example, if the default order was alphabetical, models whose username began with "A" would have an unfair advantage. If the default order put new models first, then that would disadvantage experienced models, and vice versa. And if the default order was completely random, it would be confusing for members and would not reward successful models.

After years of experimenting, we settled on CamScore as that initial default sort order, which the user can then change at any time.

Although CamScore is not perfect, we have found it to be better than our alternative options.


Our mission is to minimize the importance of CamScore by offering members better ways to find models they like, other than just scrolling down a long list, however it may be sorted.

Here are just a few ways that models can be discovered and remain popular, regardless of their CamScore:

  • Friends are always shown in the personal menu and at the top of the model list.
  • Search looks at model Usernames, Model Tags, Room Topics, and the News Feed.
  • Models You May Like shows recommended models by default, ahead of the normal model list.
  • Model Explorer allows members to find models based on shared interests.
  • Word of Mouth around the site and in the various Lounges and Member Rooms is very effective at getting models noticed.

Also, members can easily change their Model List Preferences to use a different sorting method besides CamScore.

Hiding CamScore

Models can choose that their CamScore not be displayed on the website or their profile by changing the setting in the "Model Settings" portion of their Model Admin.


CamScore is a calculated based the model's token earnings on the site over some period of time. The same algorithm is used for all models.

New Models

New models start with a default CamScore of 1000, but it will change quickly based on their actual performance on the site.

Median CamScore

The median CamScore is approximately 600. That means about half of the models on the site have a CamScore greater than 600, and half have a CamScore below 600.

Update Frequency

CamScore is re-calculated automatically every 4-6 hours or so, but only for models that have logged in to the website since the last time it was calculated.

Raising CamScore

Since CamScore is calculated based on a model's token earnings, the only way to raise it is for the models to earn more tokens.

When a model's performance on the site improves, she will see her CamScore rise quickly. The lower the CamScore, the faster it will increase.

Sudden Changes in CamScore

CamScore is calculated based on a model's token earnings over a certain period of time.

Let's say, for example, that period of time is 60 days. That would mean that each new day, what the model did 61 days ago would no longer be counted. Therefore, if the model earned a huge number of tokens 61 days ago, then it would be expected for her CamScore to drop since those tokens would no longer be included in the calculation.

If a model earns a lot of tokens, then that performance should be reflected in the next CamScore calculation within several hours.

Additional Facts

  • All tokens help CamScore, including 1 token tips.
  • There is nothing that a member can do to lower your CamScore.
  • Profile Ratings and Admires do not help CamScore.
  • The lower the CamScore, the easier it is to increase it.


If you have any suggestions on how we can improve or change CamScore or other ideas for us, please Contact Model Support.