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CamScore is an automatic rating given to models.

It is completely automated and it is calculated in the same for all models.

This page should provide answers to some frequently-asked questions about CamScore.

Please DO NOT contact us about CamScore, as it is against our policy to discuss it.

What does my CamScore mean?

Your CamScore is calculated based on your performance on the site over some period of time.

All models start with a CamScore of 1000, which is the average CamScore for all models on the site.

Any score over 1000 is considered good, and any score over 2000 is very good.

How can I improve my CamScore?

Earn more tokens.

How often does my CamScore change?

It is re-calculated automatically every 4-6 hours or so, but only if you have signed in to the website since the last time it was calculated.

Why did my CamScore drop?

The system looks at a model's performance over a certain period of time.

Let's say, for example, that period of time is 60 days. That would mean that each new day, what you did 61 days ago stops counting. So if you earned a huge number of tokens 61 days ago, then it would be expected for your CamScore to drop since it would no longer be included in the calculation today.

Also, it takes at least several hours for your CamScore to reflect your most recent activity, so if you had an amazing day on the site, you can check it the following day if you are curious how it has changed.

Do 1 token tips lower CamScore?

No. All tokens help raise your CamScore.

There is nothing that a member can do to lower your CamScore.

Is CamScore really important?

No. It is just a number that goes up and down. Our suggestion is to ignore it.