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The Lounge is a special chat room only for premium members. Guests, basic members, and models are not allowed inside.

The Lounge icon is always listed as the last model in the model list, or in your Personal Menu a the top-right.

It is a fun and friendly place to chat with other members. Administrators may visit the Lounge to chat with members and get feedback.

  • Models cannot see who is watching from from the Lounge, and cannot see what members type in the Lounge.
  • Everyone in the Lounge can watch a different model at any time. The rotation is not synchronized between members.

The Lounge offers unique controls where members can automatically or manually browse through all of the live models on the site.

Lounge Controls

  • Go to her room. Leaves the lounge and goes to the model's chat room.
  • Popup. Shows model's chat room in a new pop-up, without leaving the lounge.
  • PM. Opens a private message pop-up to the model.
  • Profile. Opens the model's profile in a new window.
  • Menu. Brings up the model's menu where you can add her as a friend, etc.
  • Previous / Next. Shows the previous or next model according to the model list.
  • Last. Shows the last model you were watching in the lounge.
  • Show - toggles which models are shown in the lounge according to the categories below.
    • All Models according to your model list.
    • Follow the Most Popular Room. - The video will show the model with the most popular room at the time. Therefore, clicking Next or Previous will not work.
    • Top 100 Popular Rooms.
    • Only New Models.
    • Only Friends.
    • Models in Private Sessions.
    • Models in Group Shows.
  • Auto. Automatically cycle videos in the lounge. Choose the number of seconds that each webcam stream will be shown. Click Start to begin, Pause to stop the cycle.
  • Model List. Shows a text list of all models so you can choose which to see in the lounge.
  • More Options - Other advanced lounge features explained below.

Other helpful notes:

  • When a model's name is written in the chat room, it becomes an automatic link to view that model in your Lounge cam.
  • You can click Menu on any model and then select View webcam in Lounge to do so.
  • You may spy on private shows and watch group shows from the Lounge (same token costs apply).

Further Explanation

By default, the lounge will cycle through all models in public chat. You can choose how many seconds the video will stay on each model before going to the next one by clicking the numbers in parentheses below the webcam, or even clicking the Pause link to stop the cycle. You may click "next" or "previous" to advance the cycle manually. You can toggle which models will appear in the cycle by clicking on the link that says "Showing: All Models" by default. You can click on the "Models" link to manually choose which model to watch in the lounge.

If someone types the name of an online model in the lounge, it will automatically become a link so that anyone can click it and watch that model on their Lounge cam instantly. If you find yourself clicking on lots of names, consider turning on our "Auto-Click" feature which will automatically change your Lounge video to the model name that was last typed in the lounge.