Help with Payment Methods

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This page is a helpful supplement to Payment Information for Models.

Direct deposit

How to locate your routing number and account number.

Direct deposit is the preferred method for models in the USA to be paid.

Routing number

Your routing number for direct deposit is a 9-digit number located on your printed checks.

You can also ask your bank for it or find it on your bank's website. It may be referred to as the routing number for ACH or "Paper and electronic".

You may confirm your routing number at this website:

Name on the account

It is extremely important that the name you provide us as the "name on the account" matches the actual owner of the bank account, otherwise the direct deposit will be rejected by your bank.

Checks in the mail

We do not recommend that models receive checks by mail as this method takes the longest amount of time.

But for models that wish to do so, here are some important tips:

  • Double-check your address and make sure it is correct.
    • include any apartment number or unit number.
    • include the full street names ("1234 Main St." instead of just "1234 Main")
    • do not use too many abbreviations ("County Road" is better than "CR")
    • verify your address with Google Maps if you are unsure of the correct format.
    • verify your ZIP code, as those change frequently.

Please make sure that your Name is registered with the post office, so the postal carrier knows to deliver your mail addressed to you, to that particular address.

Please do not contact us unless at least 1 month has passed since the end of the pay period and you still have not received your check.

Cashing your check

It is much better, safer, faster, cheaper, and easier to deposit your check into a real bank account than trying to cash it at some check-cashing place.

Please promptly deposit it into a real bank account!