Free Tokens

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Sometimes members ask us if we can give them some free tokens because they have been a member for a long time, or spent a lot of money, or have a lot of reward points, or just as a gift on their birthday.

We would LOVE to give members free tokens. The tokens would still be spent on the site so the members and models would be happy. It makes sense to reward loyal members and it is even a good business decision.

But, unfortunately, here is why we CANNOT give out free tokens:

  1. Fairness. It is not fair that only the members that ask for free tokens would get them. We value all of our members and it is not fair to punish those that choose not to contact us.
  2. Manpower. With millions of members, we simply do not have the staff to adequately analyze thousands of requests for free tokens and give out the fair and appropriate number to everyone.
  3. Model Payouts. Since our first day online, our mission has been to pay models the absolute maximum amount of each token. If we had a policy to give away free tokens, then we would have to either lower model payouts or raise prices, which we have never done.

Please rest assured that we are spending the money contributed by our valued members to improve this website.

Thank you for understanding and for supporting this website!

P.S. You can earn free tokens through our Bring a Friend program.

P.P.S. Don't fall for Phishing scams that promise you free tokens. They will only steal your Username and Password.