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This page is designed to help models from the United States understand their employment and tax status while working on this website. If you are not a model from the USA, the information on this page may not be relevant for you.

Employment status of models

Models are NOT employees of MyFreeCams.com!

Models are independent contractors.

We are unable to provide any sort of proof of employment or income verification.

For more details as to your legal status with respect to MyFreeCams.com, please read your Model Contract that is available in your Model Admin.

Requirement of a Social Security Number or Tax ID

All American corporations in are required to receive the Social Security Number or Tax ID of American citizens and residents that they pay in order to avoid having to withhold part of the payment for taxes. This is why our site requires this information and we do not use it for any other purposes.

Tax information for models

W9 tax form

Models that are residents or citizens of the USA digitally sign a W9 tax form which is just a formal request for a tax-payer identification number (your social security number). This allows us to pay you the full amount you earn without any backup withholding. We keep the W9 form on file, and it does not get sent to the IRS.

1099 tax form

After the end of each year, before January 31, if you have earned over $600.00 in the previous year, we will send out a 1099-MISC Tax Form which will contain the total income you have received during the prior year from our company. This will help you file your annual tax returns. A copy also gets sent to the IRS.

We do not withhold any portion of your payment for taxes. You are responsible for reporting, filing, and paying all of your taxes yourself!

Please speak with a qualified tax advisor or accountant if you have any questions.

Background checks

Your privacy is our top priority.

To the best of our knowledge, appearing on MyFreeCams.com will not appear on any background checks.

We do not report the names of our models to any entity other than the IRS in 1099 tax forms as required by law. It will simply say you received miscellaneous income from our company without any details as to the specific service.