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As part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we offer new members a refund of their first token purchase if they are not completely satisfied with this website, and if they have spent 200 tokens or less.

But what we have often found is that new members that receive a refund later regret this decision, which is why we have created this page to provide more details so members can make an informed decision.

Rates are clearly posted.

The most common complaint from new members is that they did not expect the 200 tokens would only last 3 minutes and 20 seconds in a Private Show.

Please remember that this rate should not come as a surprise, as it is clearly posted in our Instructions and Features page which we recommend that all members read first before enjoying the website.

We agree that private shows on this website are indeed expensive, which is why we offer more affordable alternatives like Group Shows which are far less expensive.

You are a Premium member for life.

After making your first purchase on this website, you were upgraded to a Premium members, which gives you unlimited access to all of our best features for free, forever, even if you never buy tokens again.

Please see our Basic Tour and Instructions and Features for all the features you can access for free.

So even if you were disappointed with how your first 200 tokens were used, keep in mind that the real value is that now you are a Premium member for life, and the $19.99 that you spent can bring you years of enjoyment on this website without spending another Dollar.

Your premium membership will be removed.

Obviously, if a member receives a refund for the purchase that upgraded them to a premium member, then the premium membership will be removed and the account will be a Basic Member once again.

You may not be able to buy tokens again.

After we issue a monetary refund, our payment processors may treat the account as "high-risk" in the future and it may be impossible for you to purchase tokens again on this website, even if you make a new account.

This means that you may never be able to have a premium membership again.

Consider a token refund instead.

Please let us know if we can resolve your dissatisfaction by issuing you a credit in tokens to your account. (You would still be able to retain your premium membership.)

Do you still want a refund?

If after reading this page you would still like a refund, please Contact Support or simply reply to our e-mail and tell us your decision, and we will be happy to refund you!

(Refunds are issued immediately and may take a few days to post to your credit card.)