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This Basic Tour is only a very quick glance at a few of the many features and options available at

Please see our Instructions and Features page for more details and make your screen look like this...



Change guest name.jpg

Choose Your Guest Name

When you first arrive at you are a "guest". We like our guests and we try to make the guest experience as enjoyable as possible!

Guests may choose a nickname using the form in the top-right of the website. This makes it easier and more fun to chat.

Guests can become members for free by clicking Free Registration and making a free member account.

Logged In!

Once you create your account, you can login and really explore the site.

You will notice that the right side of the site is now your Personal Toolbar where you can access Online/Offline friends and models, private messages, and save personal preferences.


Popup Chat Rooms

If one chat room is not enough for you, please use the "Popup" links located on the homepage and in the model menu lists to open new chat room windows.

There is no limit to how many chat rooms you can enjoy at the same time.

You can go private or spy on private shows from the Popup chats too.

Larger Video

You can click the Larger Video link above any chat room to make the video bigger. You can make it even bigger by viewing the webcam in a Private Message window.


Also, notice in the picture that we have clicked the Hide link in the top-right corner and hidden the Personal toolbar, which gives the chat room more space.

We have also clicked the Hide link in the top-left to hide the header at the top of our site and give you even more space on your screen.

Hide Model List

You can also click the Hide link in the top-right corner of the model list that appears below any chat room.

This will give you lots of extra room for the webcam and chat room.

Private Communication


Private Messages (PM's)

Our website offers a private message system similar to AOL or Yahoo that all of our members and models use to chat instantly and privately.

You can see your list of online buddies (friends and models) and just click their name to send them a PM instantly.

PM's with Webcam Video

At the top of each PM window, you will notice lots of options including one to View Webcam.

That will let you watch the webcam of the person you are privately chatting with, including models and users, right in the PM window.

This is our most popular feature!


Resize PM's and Hide Chat

You can drag and resize the private message window to make the video and chat bigger or smaller.

You can make full-screen as in the picture on the right, and you can even click Hide Chat to give yourself more space.

MFC Mail

We also offer another private communication system called MFC Mail which you can access from your personal menu.

This is more like e-mail where you can write longer correspondences and you will be notified when your recipient reads your MFC Mail message.

Cool Chat

Custom Fonts

All of our members and models can express themselves using custom fonts, colors and styles in their text all over the site.

In chat rooms, PMs, and even buddy lists, your name is shown in the style you select (in your Personal Options at the top of your Personal Toolbar.)


Emoticons (Smileys!)

You can use over 100 emoticons by clicking on the smiley face on the right side of any chat room or PM window.

Access an additional 500+ images on the More Emoticons page.

Images in Chat Rooms

You can insert any image on the Internet into any chat room by clicking the little picture logo on the right side of the chat room or PM text input.

Then simply paste the URL of the image and watch it appear.

Be a Part of MyFreeCams


Share Your Webcam

You can turn on your own webcam at any time by clicking the Start My Webcam link at the top of your Personal Menu on the right side of your screen.

You can choose who is allowed to view your webcam in your Personal Options.

You can keep your webcam on as long as you want and it is always free.

Create Your Profile

My profile.jpg

You should join most of our members and models and create a profile in the MyFreeCams Profiles section.

You can upload photos, share your interests, post on other profiles, and make lots of new friends among the members and models.

You can customize every little detail of your profile!

Publish Your Profile

After you create your profile you will have a personal homepage on MyFreeCams.

Your friends and models can leave you messages on your profile wall, check out your photos, and contact you through MFC Mail.

Check out the Profiles Section at

Customize Everything!

Custom Model List

My account.jpg

Definitely one of our best features!

Click the Filter/Sort link at the top of the model list to select how you want the model list organized for you.

You can change which models appear, in what order, and even search by name. You can also hide models from appearing in the model list by clicking on the Menu or Options link of any model.

My Account and Personal Options

There are lots of options and features!

The bigger account options are located in the My Account section.

The smaller preferences are located in the Personal Options menu.

Special Features


The Lounge

All premium members have access to a special room called the Lounge.

It is a members-only room where you can use special controls to watch any live models while you chat with other members.

Our favorite place to hang out!

Your Archives

All of your chat text, in both chat rooms and private messages, is recorded in your archives so you can look back on it at any time.

All of your private shows are also recorded and available for you to watch any time, absolutely free. Your private shows are YOURS to keep forever.

The Private Gallery

Private gallery.jpg

Premium members get a special bonus called the Private Gallery that you can access in your Personal Menu.

The gallery features random photos from random models from private shows on this site. The longer you are a member, the more photos you get!

Model Notifications

You can set personal model notifications and we will e-mail you when your favorite models are online.


Before long, your screen will look like this:

Multiple windows.jpg

Also, check out our Instructions and Features page for even more information!