Who Can Be A MyFreeCams Model

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MyFreeCams.com is currently accepting female models from most countries in the world, and may sign up on the Model Signup Page.


  • Currently accepting only female models,
  • NOT currently accepting male models.
  • NOT currently accepting trans-gender models.

Couples and Groups

  • Currently accepting female-female couples. (But individual female models are preferred.)
  • NOT currently accepting male-female couples.


  • Currently accepting natural-born female models of any sexual orientation.


  • Currently accepting models ages 18-40.
  • Models over 40 may still sign up and be considered.


  • Currently accepting models from most countries.
  • Some countries may be blocked from accessing MyFreeCams.com but models from those countries may still visit the Model Signup Page.

Physical Appearance

  • Currently accepting models of any physical appearance and race.


  • Currently accepting models with all types of personalities.


  • Nudity is not required, and MyFreeCams.com is currently accepting both nude and non-nude models.

Pregnancy and other health issues

  • Models that are pregnant or those that have recently given birth may be on cam, as long as it is deemed safe by a medical professional. Lactation or breast-feeding is not allowed on cam at any time.
  • Currently NOT accepting models who may have health issues that put them at risk when performing.