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This page lists our social networks, media projects, awards, sponsorships, and other fun facts.


MFC Share

Please visit our MFC Share page to view past show highlights, trailers for upcoming events, MyFreeCams models featured in CamStar magazine, and more.

Social Networks

Below are the only official MyFreeCams social media accounts. Any others are fake and not associated with us in any way.


Our main Twitter account: @MyFreeCams.

We use our Twitter account to announce new updates and events, and sometimes retweet posts that we feel may be interesting to the camming community.

MFC Share: @MFCShare.

MFC.APP: @AppMyFreeCams.

MobileMFC: @MobileMFC.

For support issues, please contact Member Support or Model Support.



A small sample of industry Awards we have won in the past. Due to the large number of awards, this is rarely updated.


Hosted by MFC Model
Jenna Jameson

MyFreeCams Merchandise

You can get more information about clothing and other branded items on our MyFreeCams Stuff page.

Most models that have unique clothing got it by attending one of our Tradeshows and representing

Media Contact

Please Contact Support and we will get back to you as soon as possible.