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This supplement to Payment Information for Models explains how models can determine how much money they have made at


Model Admin

In order to see personal payment information, models should login to the Model Admin page, where they fill find the following links.

Account information

The Account Information link will display the current payment information for the model that we have on file. This is where we will automatically pay the model at the end of any period where the minimum payout has been reached.

This page will also display the amount currently owed to the model, or the amount she has earned since the last time the model was paid. It will also display the total amount earned by the model during the current year, so far. The amounts displayed are in US Dollars and in tokens.

Holding payment

If a model does not want to receive payment during a particular pay period, she may choose to set the selector to HOLD payment (instead of SEND payment). Models that have their payment on HOLD will automatically be skipped when payments are sent out at the end of any pay period and the amount will be rolled over to the next pay period.

There is no limit to the amount of money that we can hold for a model, and there is no limit to the amount of time that we can hold it.

Token sessions

The Token Sessions link provides a helpful display of the model's paid token sessions, including private shows, group shows and tips. Voyeur tokens are displayed in aggregate but not by session.

Models may also see the amount of time they have spent in each mode on the site including in Public, Private, Away, and so on.

It is important to note the Date selector at the top which may display the token sessions by pay period or by the full month.

Token stats

The Token Stats link shows simple token totals, broken down by day and by month.

Payment history

After a model is paid, the pay data is entered into the model's Payment History.

Instead of asking the question, Have I been paid? or How much was I paid? it is always easier to just look in the Payment History page.

How much are tokens worth?

All tokens are the same and for each token earned by the model, the model is paid USD$0.05 (Five cents). This means if the model earns 100 tokens, the model will be paid $5.00 (Five dollars).

This is explained in greater detail on the main Payment Information for Models page.