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CharlesBot is a free chat room bot that models can use in their chat room, located at

CharlesBot was created in the MFC community in 2015 as an unofficial add-on and was available to models as a monthly subscription service.

As CharlesBot grew more popular and helpful, it became an official MFC feature in December 2016 and is now offered free to all MFC models.

As a model, to get started using CharlesBot:

  • Send a PM to CharlesBot with the message: !joinroom and he will immediately enter your room and begin a tutorial that will teach you how to use CharlesBot. Type this in your chat room to get started:
/pm CharlesBot !joinroom
  • Commands may be PMed to CharlesBot or typed into the chat room.
  • To see a list of built-in commands, use the command: !help
  • Your custom commands are now retrieved with: !commands

For more info, please visit and follow him on Twitter at

OBS Widgets

  • Send a PM to CharlesBot with: !obs
  • You may do this by entering the following command in your chat room:
/pm CharlesBot !obs
  • You will receive a customization link to configure the widgets.

Known Issues

  • Lovense OBS Toolkit may interfere with the prizewheel