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Who are the real Administrators of MyFreeCams?

The following is the complete list of administrators on Please do not send messages for support/feedback to any administrator (except when replying, of course). The best way to receive support or send us feedback is by contacting Member or Model support.

  • AdminLeo
  • AdminAaron
  • AdminAndrew
  • AdminArgent
  • AdminKevin
  • AdminThomas
  • AdminBritney
  • AdminSteve
  • MyFreeCams


  • MFCAlertsDev
  • xmfc99

Official Bot Accounts:

  • CharlesBot
  • mfcalerts
  • xmfcalerts

Our administrators are strictly professional and will not interfere in the normal flow of this website, unless something illegal is going on.

For a list of our official accounts on various social media sites, please see the Media page.

Fake Administrators and Common Scams

Other than the list above, there are NO other administrators, moderators, owners, or members with special privileges.

It is very easy for members to tell models that they are some sort of "secret" administrator or have some special powers. They are lying.

Please Contact Model Support with their username and we will ban them.

Fake Skype Administrators

Some models have reported that they are contacted via Skype by someone pretending to be a MyFreeCams Admin. This is just a scam.

Our administrators will never contact you on Skype or any other chat service outside of

If you are contacted, simply ask them to PM you on MyFreeCams from their MFC Admin username to confirm their identity. The full list of Admin usernames is above.

Fake Models

We have seen cases where Model accounts are hijacked and used to contact other Models to tell them that someone is a secret administrator.

Hearing another model tell you that someone is a secret Administrator may sound more credible but it is still just a scam.

Misspelled E-Mail Addresses

Some models have reported receiving official-looking e-mails from domains that look like ours, for example "". Please read more about this on our Phishing page.

Spoofed E-Mails

Some models have reported that they have received e-mails that look like they came from "" or "" (our correct domain names) even though we did not send these e-mails.

This is possible because the "FROM" part of an e-mail is very easy to spoof or fake.

In these e-mails, the scammer usually asks the model to contact him on a different e-mail account in the future, such as Gmail or Yahoo.

If you receive an e-mail that you find suspicious, please forward it to us at the e-mail address found on the Contact Model Support page.

We will get back to you right away and let you know if the original e-mail was legitimate or fake.


Please see our page on Phishing for details on how to keep your account safe and secure, without unsuspectingly sharing your username or password.

How do I contact an Administrator?

Models should Contact Model Support.

Members should Contact Support.

They will help you right away with anything you may need!